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What is AAR certification?

AAR certification of Phoebese dunnage bag is the American Railroad Association’s world’s leading certification for quality assurance. This is a certification required for all carriers who wish to join, cooperate and exchange services for the North American railway industry. Including: USA, Mexico, Canada.

Strict process to achieve AAR certification:
The Phoebes dunnage bag has undergone the following inspection and evaluation steps:

  • Complete the certification request and submit the request to the AAR Quality Assurance Commission.
  • The Committee manager will designate an expert to undertake the quality control task.
  • Experts conduct inspections at the Atmet airbag production facility based on the air bag quality standards provided by the Quality Assurance Commission.
  • Experts synthesize test results. And submit a report to the Quality Assurance Committee with explanations from the manufacturer Phoebese if there are any problems during the inspection.
  • The committee conducts approval and makes a decision to approve the AAR certification.
  • Every year, the quality assurance specialist conducts periodic inspections at the production facility to maintain the validity of the certification.

AAR certification of Phoebese dunnage bag

Phoebese dunnage bag

  • Structure
    • 2 layers of solid material:
      • PP dunnage bag: The inner part is made from polyethylene plastic, while the outer part is made from polypropylene plastic. The inner part provides outstanding pressure resistance while the outer part has optimum strength.
      • Kraft dunnage bag: The outer layer of the product is a combination of high quality kraft paper and PP (Polypropylene) which is woven firmly. Material is highly durable and completely waterproof. The inner layer of the bag is multiple layers of PE (polyethylene) extruded together. Helps minimize the release of air. Thanks to this design, the product can withstand high pressures for a long time.
    • Valve:

The advantage of Phoebese insert airbag valve is extremely good protection with modern technology and design according to American and European standards. A modern design is much larger than conventional valves with outstanding performance. Helps pump air in quickly and keeps air from leaking outside. Absolutely safe for your goods and packages.

  • Application
    Limit the breakdown, impact of goods, fix the goods not to move when transporting. Products are effective solution technologies to replace traditional solutions. Help save costs, time, labor and bring aesthetic packing solutions.

AAR certification of Phoebese dunnage bag

aar certification of phoebese dunnage bag
AAR certification of Phoebese dunnage bag

Phoebese dunnage bag provided by DNS Solution are one of the most popular products today. The product is trusted by gaining many international certifications. And it is impossible not to mention the AAR certification of the Phoebese dunnage bag. See more other products here.

DNS Solution is currently the official distributor for the Phoebese insert airbag brand. If you have any questions about the product. Please contact our free consultation form or call our hotline. All your questions will be responded to quickly.

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