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On the market, there are many different types of belts for manufacturing businesses. Outstanding quality and price today are composite straps . The following post will answer all your questions about this product. Especially the advantages of the composite straps

What is composite straps ?

composite straps
Composite straps

Polyester straps is made from the most durable, high strength synthetic fiber embedded in a polymer coating. It is rapidly replacing steel strip as a method of securing a safe, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly load in many industrial applications.
Composite straps can absorb the impact and shift loads that often break the steel strip. Composite straps are soft, flexible and rust-free so they will not injure or damage valuable goods, making them ideal for protecting heavy goods, as well as goods with irregular shapes during the process transport.

Advantages of composite straps

  • Non-corrosive and easy to handle
  • Low investment costs
  • Available in sizes: from 13mm to 32mm. Refer to some samples of composite belts here.
  • Wire break strength from 300daN to 1,500daN
  • Stronger than the steel strap
  • Safe for users and recipients
  • Do not damage the product
  • Shock resistant
  • Light weight and portable
  • Chemical resistance
  • Will not rust or rot
  • Weather and chemical resistant
  • Does not damage painted surfaces

Note when using

Illustration Images
Illustration Images
  • The strap is heat resistant from – 30 degrees – 80 degrees C. So if has to handle too high over 80 degrees, you can not use this straps.
  • For cases of reusing the rope many times for the same purpose, you should refer to the ligament with tension. (The rope is twisted from polyester fibers so it can withstand high loads and have a long durability).
  • Maybe the row is too large to work with the thread thread. You can use a long hard ruler to tie the belt in and thread it through.
  • Each wire size will be suitable for a specific load. Therefore, you should consult the load to choose the correct wire size. The size of composite wire being marketed is usually 19mm, 25mm, 32mm.
  • You should choose the size of the bug that matches the size of the rope. Choosing bugs that are too big for string size is unnecessary and costs extra.
  • The wire is reusable many times, easy to connect when there is a lack of wire and the goods are still guaranteed tight.
  • Businesses should be equipped with a tightening tool because it will help tighten the string more and the capacity is also higher.


Composite straps are the best solution for many enterprise applications. With better quality than conventional straps, the price is optimal. However, there are some types of goods that businesses need to use PET plastic straps or PP plastic straps will be more suitable. Refer to these 2 straps here.

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