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After the production is completed, shipping the product to consumers is also very important. Until now, businesses often used foam … to insert goods to protect products. But today one of the most popular insert materials is cushion packaging. So what advantages of cushion packaging have that are so popular?

What is advantages of cushion packaging ?

  • Cushion packaging is made from special film. As a lining for goods not to be scratched, broken or damaged during transportation
  • Weakens vibrations in transport without damaging the cargo. With the ability to bear load from load of goods up to 40-70kg
  • An effective solution to replace traditional solutions such as foam. Help save time, save labor and bring aesthetics to the packaging.
  • Fill in the gaps between the cargo, prop up the mass (the cause of the cargo shake) and withstand the impact.
    The product is environmentally friendly, reusable.
  • Cushion packaging is cheap. help save a lot of costs for businesses.
  • Help increase the professionalism of the company’s products
Illustration Images
Illustration Images

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Where to buy ?

In the world there are many suppliers of cushion packaging. Where to buy dunnage bags for high quality and good price? You must choose a distributor that meets the following criteria:

  • There are experts to advise you in detail about the product
  • Being an official distributor (avoid arising legal problems)
  • That distributor is a business. Ensuring the credibility, legal, invoice …
  • The distributor has clear pricing, agent policies and discounts.
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Illustration Images

DNS Solution is committed to providing cushion packaging with the following standards:

  • Top quality with a full spectrum of international certifications.
  • Prestige is the focus.
  • Good price.
  • Policy many incentives.

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