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Currently, many manufacturers use pallets to store and transport goods. Pallets can be made of plastic, wood, paper, or metal, which are heavily used to organize goods in warehouses. Because, it is convenient for transporting goods and suitable for many types of forklifts. Pallet is considered an effective assistant in the process of transporting and arranging goods. This post will talk about the advantages of pallets in the transport of goods.

Advantages of pallets

The main advantage of pallets in transport is that they make items easier to transport. By combining many smaller items and stacking them on a pallet. Shippers will save more time in tracking goods. The cargo also reduces damage in transit. Pallets come in a number of popular sizes and shapes. Helps them to easily lift and stack through the forklift.

Hardness and toughness
Stronger and stronger than other handling tools like cardboard boxes or plastic wrapping paper. This allows shippers to stacking heavier items on a pallet without worrying about breaking. In addition, the pallet will keep the cargo on it off the ground, keeping the product safe from standing water, dirt, and debris. Pallets can also be reused and can be sent back and forth between the manufacturer and buyer multiple times before it is required to be repaired or recycled.

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Illustration Images

Light weight, compact size
Although the pallet can hold good cargo, it is relatively light and does not take up much space. Shippers and manufacturers can store it in high stacks. And it only takes up minimal floor space in the warehouse. Wooden and plastic pallets are particularly light and they do not significantly increase the product’s load in transit.

In the end, whatever material is made of it is recyclable. While plastic and metal pallets can be melted and remelted, or sold as scrap materials. Wooden pallets with wooden slats can be removed and used in another construction project, or used as firewood or chopped up for use as mulch or compost.


Each type of pallet has its own advantages and uses. DNS SOLUTION offers a wide range of pallets: wooden pallets, plastic pallets, paper pallets … with full international certification at low prices.

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