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During the production, transportation and packaging of goods. Then there are a lot of insecurity when using an ordinary knife. Cutting knife – an industrial supporting product doesn’t seem to matter much. But it greatly affects production if not choosing the right product. Therefore, Easy cut is very popular with businesses. This article will show the advantages of safety knife that have made it popular .

Disadvantages of ordinary knife

Easy to cut goods if you do not know how to adjust the hand force. Damage to the goods. Reduce productivity.

Only right-handed people can use them, while left-handed people face many difficulties . Causes damage to both people and products. Reduce productivity.

Costly. Because about 1 month had to change the blade or replace the knife. During production, the company has to use a large amount of cutting knives. That must be replaced continuously, it is very costly.

Advantages of safety knife

Cost savings
Cost savings
  1. The blade can automatically indent when the cut ends. Ensure safety for users.
  2. Various depth, thickness can be adjusted. There are 3 blade modes corresponding to 3 carton thickness.
  3. The flexible design allows right- and left-handed users to use the knife.
  4. Easy to change blades.
  5. The knife edge adjuster makes the knife high precision in box cutting, easy for beginners to use.
  6. With a G lock that secures the blade.
  7. Small crab blade tray, lid and strap are convenient to carry with you.

Actually, the advantage of the safety knife is superior to that of conventional knives. Both optimize the productivity of the business while saving costs and protecting goods. On the market, there are a wide variety of safety knife from all over the world. Read more about the brand of Easy Cut safety knife from the US here.

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