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If you are a transportation company, you probably know about dunnage air bags. This is a popular solution to support freight transportation today. This post will introduce a world famous brand about this product. It is the AtMet dunnage air bags.

About brand AtMet

  • Based in Atlanta, USA with sales offices in China, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand. Atmet Group Inc. is a company focuses on Product Protection and Damage Prevention. During all phases of product shipment both domestically and shipments abroad.
  • Products include AAR certified Dunnage Airbags and Polyester Strapping. Both products are manufactured in state of the art production facilities in China. Since 1995 with full range quality control process.
  • Over these years, Atmet has become the industry leader in Load Damage Prevention. And the largest manufacturer in Asia for Dunnage Airbags. Providing to Fortune 500 companies around the world.
  • AtMet serve the needs of a variety of client industries including: Manufacturing, Electronics, Logistics, Food, Beverage. Agricultural, Machineries, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, and Military industries.
  • Brand AtMet commitment to continue to deliver innovation, excellent services. With rapid delivery and sustainable solutions for years to come.

AtMet dunnage air bags

Illustration Images
Illustration Images

There are 2 types:

  • Kraft paper dunnage bag
  • PP dunnage bag

The structure of AtMet dunnage air bags includes 2 material layers and 1 valve.

  • 2 material layer
    • Kraft paper dunnage bag
      • The outer layer of the product is a combination of high quality kraft paper and PP (Polypropylene) which is woven firmly. Material is highly durable and completely waterproof.
      • The inner layer of the bag is multiple layers of PE (polyethylene) extruded together. Helps minimize the release of air. Thanks to this design, the product can withstand high pressures for a long time.
    • PP dunnage bag
      • The inner layer is made of co-extruded high-quality polyethylene (PE) film, ensuring optimum airtight.
      • The outer bag is made of laminate paper and polypropylene (PP) for maximum strength. These materials are recyclable and do not contain heavy metals.
  • 1 vavle

This is the most important part of an airbag. If the valve is good, the air will not leak out during use. Very good protection with modern technology and design according to American and European standards.
The modern design is much larger than conventional valves. With outstanding features that help pump air in quickly and keep air from leaking outside. Absolutely safe for customers’ packages.


Illustration Images
Illustration Images

Atmet dunnage air bags have been asserting their excellent quality over time. Help businesses protect absolute goods during transportation. Improve business productivity and reputation.
You can easily purchase the product at DNS Solution. We are the official distributor of the AtMet brand. You do not need to worry about the quality or price when buying products at DNS Solution.

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