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Perhaps the thing to consider when choosing to buy PET straps is the price. Compared with PP plastic straps, PET straps has a slightly higher price. However, if you want to ensure the best straps quality to minimize risks during the preservation and transportation of your goods, PET plastic straps are still the better choice. Carefully selected businesses will find to buy PET plastic straps with good prices.


Significant cost savings:

Compared to using steel wire, PET straps save up to 50%. It is 6 times longer than the same type of steel wire with the same durability. Using this wire helps to save significant costs, suitable for use in many different industries.

The wire is very sturdy, withstands impacts while ensuring the goods are packed tightly. Ensure safety during transportation. Besides that PET wire is not angled like steel straps. Should not damage the goods or injure the users during the unloading of the goods.

Environmental protection with cheap PET straps:
Using PET wire not only creates many advantages in the transport of goods. But it also helps to protect the environment due to being made of new materials. Possesses many advantages such as water resistance, rust and corrosion resistance. Do not pollute the surrounding environment. Besides this is a recyclable wire. Should be cost saving and environmentally friendly.

Convenient, easy to use:
The product is light, making it convenient to use. In addition, PET wire is also easier to use than steel wire. Improve work efficiency, save maximum time. Doesn’t hurt users. So when using it is not necessary to wear gloves.
This is a quality wire, has wide applications in many different industries. And popularly used in strapping or packaging products. Can be used for all types of automatic strapping machines, meeting small to large packaging needs.

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Where to buy PET plastic straps – high quality and good price

  • Choose a diverse belt supplier. You should choose to buy PET straps at stores that have a variety of belts to choose from. Plastic straps differ in size, color, and thickness.
  • Choose a supplier with an experienced expert to advise on belt size and load. Because the size is not proportional to the load. So if you only buy according to size will use not durable. Especially you may not know it is the same PET wire of the same size. But different load will be different because of different manufacturers.
  • Choose a major supplier to provide import and export businesses. And has a full range of international certifications to ensure product quality.
  • Choose a supplier with a good after-sales policy
    After meeting the above conditions, then you compare and choose the provider with the lowest cost.

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