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Container airbags are very popular and widely used around the world. But many people wonder: can the container airbag be reused? This article helps you get the most objective and clear answer.


Container airbag is an indispensable auxiliary packaging when transporting goods by containers or trucks. Especially when going long distances, transporting super-long and super-heavy goods.

Air bags are inflated and inserted into the gaps between packages, between packages and trucks and containers. Helps to fix the package, avoid colliding with each other. Ensure goods are safe, do not fall. The use of cargo airbags also helps to protect worker safety. When opening truck doors, container doors. Goods are not spilled.

Illustration images
Illustration images


There are many different brands of airbags competing in the market. But for the material that makes up the airbag, there are two basic types. Paper type and plastic type. Each brand will have different product layers. Below we analyze the structure of product classes based on the US Atmet brand airbag.


3-layer structure: The outside is a layer of kraft paper laminated with a layer of PP plastic for good strength. Inside is stamping of many layers of LDPE, HDPE, PA, PE into a multi-layer plastic layer that holds and compresses air well.

Kraft paper has many outstanding advantages and is optimal in terms of environmental protection. Due to its strong characteristics, the bag stands upright, so it is popular in the Vietnamese market and many other countries around the world.


2 layer construction. Outside is PP Woven – Inside is LDPE, HDPE, PA, PE laminated stamping plastic… Plastic bags have the advantage of being inserted for wet goods and electronics. Plastic bags are cheaper than paper bags. Environmentally friendly as it is easier to recycle than paper bags.

Note when using

  • Note the size of the row insert space to select the right air bag product.
  • Do not choose the air bag with the length exceeding the height of the cargo.
  • Each void should be filled with only one Air bag.
  • The distance from the air bag to the floor should be 2 inches or more to minimize moisture.
  • Protect the bag by placing corrugated paper or an object with a smooth surface on either side of the Air bag
  • Air bag can be placed on either side of the container or between packages.
  • Do not insert an dunnage air bag in the back door of a container or truck.
  • Air bag should be placed at the top of the cargo or the container ceiling to protect the package.
Illustration images
Illustration images


The answer depends on the quality of the bag you choose. If the type of bag you are using is an unbranded, low-priced floating item, then reusing it is potentially risky. For example, the bag explodes during pumping, the bag is deflated while transporting goods, etc. This affects the safety of goods and the safety of workers.

If you use branded products, have a product quality test certificate recognized by a reputable 3rd party. Examples include Atmet and Phoebese brand airbags. These bags can be reused about 2-3 times.

However, it should be noted that after each reuse, the function and quality of the bag will also gradually decrease. Also, to make sure it’s safe to reuse depends on how you insert the airbag. If the airbag is compressed harshly, besides sharp edges, etc., the durability of the airbag is also greatly affected.

In short, depending on the specific case to consider. And you need an expert with many years of experience to advise you on how to use the correct, safe and most economical bag.

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