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Cheap desiccant packets with poor quality are appearing in the market. Because many businesses do not know the important role of the desiccant package for the quality of the product. Businesses have chosen cheap products without regard to quality to save costs without thinking of the possible consequences.

Desiccant package is an indispensable material in industrial production. It works with a moisture absorption mechanism that makes the product storage environment dry. Limit damage, mold or bacteria growth. From there, will preserve the product until it reaches the consumer.

Consequences when using cheap desiccant packets

Cheap desiccant packets with poor quality:

  • The cheap desiccant packages have the inside of broken and dust desiccants. Poor hygroscopicity leads to moldy products, damaged products, and affects the quality of finished products.
  • Poor hygroscopicity leads to moldy products, damaged products, and affects the quality of finished products. Causes desiccant particles to mix into products, especially foods, that poison the user.
  • If it is not careful in choosing, businesses use cheap desiccant packages with poor quality. Will affect the quality and reputation of the business.
Illustration Images
Illustration Images

Standard of the quality desiccant packets


Depending on your product, choose the right desiccant. There are 3 types:

    • Silica Gel is the most popular, hygroscopic, about 40% by weight, cheap. Applied in many fields of food preservation, pharmaceutical, personal belongings. The safest white silica gel.
    • Clay Desiccant with moisture absorption similar to Silica Gel about 40% by volume. Safe with the environment.
    • Calcium chloride – the highest hygroscopic efficiency up to 60%. Expensive price is less common.

Weight of desiccant

Current packaging specifications are 0.5g, 1g, 2g, 5g, 10g, 1kg. Depending on the product that users calculate to choose the right desiccant package.

Quality of packaging

Requires desiccant bags to be made of tissue paper, cotton, and thin paper for the best desiccant effect.

Famous brand and price

The top priority is to choose the desiccant package with clear origins and reputable brands in the market. The reputable brands will provide more information. Support customers to choose the number of desiccant particles suitable to the job requirements and use purposes


Illustration Images
Illustration Images

Using quality desiccant packets helps:

    • Product quality assurance.
    • Avoid potential risks in the process of using the product
    • Improve the reputation of the business

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