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Oxygen Absorber seems to be too familiar with the daily life of each person. We can see the Oxygen Absorber inside the electronic products, food or medicine. There are many cases of unfortunate accidents when using the oxygen absorber, so many people panic and ask themselves whether oxygen packs are toxic? Join us to find out if this product is really toxic to the user or not? How to choose safe oxygen absorber packets ?

Is toxic oxygen absorber packets ?

In fact, there have been many cases of unfortunate problems when using the oxygen absorber such as: letting the powder shoot into the eyes, mouth, stick to open wounds, accidentally swallowed … So what will happen if it is involved? Ingredients inside the suction package? May cause discomfort, swelling. Long periods of time can cause some undesirable harm. The consequences are more unpredictable with substandard smoking packages. In essence, the oxygen absorber package is non-toxic. However, it is necessary to know it and use it properly.

Be careful when using

The oxygen absorber packet contains mainly iron powder, which absorbs oxygen. It will absorb all the oxygen in the product packaging. Avoid bacteria and mold activity. The composition and packaging of the oxygen absorber packet are quite safe and friendly with the environment. The most important indication is: do not eat.

Illustration Images
Illustration Images

Oxygen absorber package is the optimal product preservation solution and should be used widely. For safety, be careful when using:

  • Absolutely do not let children come into contact with oxygen absorbent packets. Explain to children that oxygen-absorbent packets cannot be eaten. Unused oxygen absorbers should be discarded immediately.
  • Please choose high quality products from reputable suppliers.
  • Look carefully at the ingredients and parameters of each product. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions correctly during use
  • Absolutely not eat, taste the contents of the oxygen absorber package.
    Do not pour into other chemical compounds to avoid undesirable reactions.

Choose safe oxygen absorber packets

Illustration Images
Illustration Images

Preserving products for long-term storage is always a problem. The oxygen absorber package is a comprehensive solution with specific industries. DNS Solution is a reputable brand in the field of providing oxygen absorbers.

    • We exclusively distribute Ohunter oxygen absorber products from Singapore
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    • Fast delivery support
    • Fully certified international

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