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Currently, the preservation of goods of businesses from food, pharmaceuticals to electronics … uses Ohunter oxygen absorber packets because of its optimization. It has maximum hygroscopicity and deoxygenation. Understanding the classification of oxygen absorber packets will help you choose the right product. This article will answer you.

What is Ohunter oxygen absorber packets ?

Is a small bag containing a mixture of oxygen absorbers: A mixture of iron powder and sodium chloride, activated carbon, diatom soil, …
It acts as a preservative aid. The oxygen absorber packets remove moisture and oxygen in the product, helping to avoid harmful agents such as mold, microorganisms from entering the product … helping to prolong the storage time.


  • Ensure product safety and quality
  • Simple and effective to use.
  • Bring high economic efficiency.
  • Especially the product has full international certification. Researched and produced with modern technology from Singapore. Meets even the most stringent quality safety standards in the world.

Classification of oxygen absorber packets

There are 2 types : Normal Ohunter oxygen absorber packets and Anti – oil Ohunter oxygen absorber packets

  • Normal Ohunter oxygen absorber packets


    • Scope of use: For oil-free products. For example: electronics, leather goods, food and pharmaceutical products do not contain oil …
    • Deoxidizing capacity: Outstanding deoxidizing capacity up to 8 times the volume
    • Dehumidification ability: Activated carbon provides strong moisture absorption.
    • Packing: 3 layers: impact resistant PET plastic, paper, PE plastic layer against impact


  • Anti – oil Ohunter oxygen absorber packets
Anti - oil
Anti – oil


    • Scope of use: For oil containing products. For example: Foods such as Pia cake, dried fish … oil-containing medicine …
    • Deoxidation capacity: Ohunter anti-oil oxygen absorber package has outstanding oxygen-reduction ability up to 8 times capacity in oil environment.
    • Dehumidification ability: Activated carbon provides strong moisture absorption.
    • Oil resistant: Thanks to the special package design. Consists of 3 layers, in the middle is the optimal anti-oil paper. Therefore, the product is able to resist oxidation excellently without being affected by oil.


After you understand the classification of oxygen absorber packets , you can choose for yourself the most suitable one. DNS Solution is the official distributor of the brand name oxygen absorber packets Ohunter. This is the proof for the high quality product and the most competitive price in the market.

You can refer more about certification of Ohunter Oxygen absorber packets at here .
Besides that , DNS SOLUTION also offers other solutions : Plastic straps , dunnage bags , Safety knife

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