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Currently on the market there are many desiccants. And Clay desiccant is one of the 3 most common types. Let’s find out what the advantages of this material compared to competitors in the market!

What is Clay desiccant ?

Is a natural desiccant. It is widely used to protect products in industry. It is mined in a mine and then ground into a granular form. The seeds are then dried in an oven to remove all traces of moisture. Therefore, the product has been disposed of. Pre-packed in many desiccant packets with various weights.

clay desiccant
Clay desiccant
  • Application in the following fields:
    • Electronics, Semiconductors, Metal
    • Healthcare product
    • Mechanical
    • Food packaging
    • Machinery, Equipment & Parts
    • Textile, Pharmaceutical, Leather Products
    • Furniture, Agricultural Products

In addition, Clay seeds can be used to desiccant, bleach, color filter, … in the color filter industry.

  • Disadvantages

As it can produce a very fine gray-brown powder, which is also susceptible to abrasion, is not recommended for use with sophisticated optical equipment such as cameras, camcorders, binoculars, and microscopes, micro or fragile materials. Read more about other desiccant packets here .

  • Ability to absorb moisture

The clay desiccant packet has a slightly lower absorption than the silica gel pack (The dehydration capacity of 60 grams of silica gel is similar to 70 grams of clay particles). But because it is a natural product and not chemically modified.

  • Environmental friendliness
    • Can be regenerated just by microwave
    • Because Clay is a 100% natural material. So it can be handled simply by dispersion in a natural environment. After extraction from the container shells must be disposed of in the garbage.
    • And can be spread in the garden or simply using it as a barn filler.
Illustration Images
Illustration Images


Clay desiccant is one of the high quality products. As it solves 3 problems of the desiccant:

  1. One is extremely high moisture absorption
  2. The second is very safe for people and friendly with the environment.
  3. Thirdly, it is not dust-free, grain-free and non-corrosive. Can be stored directly with commodity products.

Therefore, it is widely and widely used in life. Especially, after use you can reuse it in low temperature condition. Without fear of deformation or deterioration of preserved goods. Read more about other types of desiccant packages here.

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