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Pallets are currently widely used in warehouses and cargo units. Units need to transport goods include import – export between workshops, factories – factories, export. A typical pallet has a flat structure, which can steadily lift several tons of cargo. With only 1 worker operating the forklift, the transport of goods can be very fast and flexible. There are 3 types of pallets most popular today are wooden pallets, paper pallets, plastic pallets. This article will compare pallet types. For you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Which type is most suitable for your business. Let’s find out

Comparison of pallet types: Plastic pallets

  • Not affected by factors from the environment (weather, natural disasters, ..), chemicals and corrosion.
  • Shelf life from 5 years to 10 years.
  • Easy to clean, clean and store
  • Moreover, it is also anti-odor, anti-explosion, longevity can be extended, durable
  • It is not easy to repair when there is a failure
  • High price
  • Size and design are limited.
  • Due to the mold production is available.
  • Complex production process
  • Affecting the environment.

Comparison of pallet types: Paper pallets

paper pallets
Paper pallets


  • Low price
  • Does not require sterilization, heat treatment, do not worry about termites.
  • Flexible design, arbitrary size according to customers’ products.
  • Environmentally friendly, easy to handle and destroy when not in use
  • Light-weight. Cost optimization when exporting


  • Not resistant to water, easy to mold, termites
  • Flammable, not able to withstand heavy objects
  • Low durability

Comparison of pallet types: wooden pallets


  • Low production costs
  • Easy to do, long time to use
  • Reuse
  • Lightweight, compact size
  • Affordable price of buying regular wooden pallet


  • Easy to be rotten, destroyed by termites
  • High likelihood of explosion
  • High cost if buy wooden pallet for export

Tips when choosing pallets

If you want to use a long-standing pallet, withstand heavy loads and withstand chemical environments, use a plastic pallet. And if you want to use pallets for a few years with low cost and heavy load then use wooden pallets. If you are an exporter and the goods of a light business, please use paper pallets for the best optimization.

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