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Serious consequences if using poor quality container straps

The problem of buying container straps of manufacturing enterprises or shipping businesses has not really paid attention. Because businesses believe that belts are just supporting products, they do not need to invest too much. This leads to the use of low-quality, low-strength straps, made of flammable, perishable material.

Accidentally bring risks that we do not anticipate such as:

  • The material is unstable, not flexible, so the goods are rubbed leading to scratches
  • Tie the cord too tight and the poor wire material damages the item.
  • Do not keep the goods when going through bumpy places or bad roads and spill the goods out.
  • Easy to break due to overloaded load
  • Want to bind large volumes of goods must use a lot of lacing belts because of poor grip.
  • Poor material straps can not be reused, businesses have to pay many fees to buy belts regularly.
And when unfortunately exposed to risks, the business will be the subject of the biggest damage.
    • Affecting the reputation of the brand.
    • Damage in terms of time and productivity.
Therefore, businesses have to carefully perform each stage and especially container straps.

What is the best product ?

For container cargo transportation, use Composite straps
composite straps
Composite straps

Composite straps is known as a kind of “synthetic steel”. It is made of reinforced polyester fibers and coated with a bonded polymer . Polyester has many advantages when compared to traditional fibers that are non-hygroscopic, but absorb oil. It is these properties that make Polyester the perfect product for waterproof, dustproof and fireproof applications.

Composite straps can absorb impacts and shifting loads often breaks the steel strip. Composite straps are soft, flexible and rust-free.Since composite straps are soft, flexible, and rust-free, they won’t injure or damage valuable goods. It is an ideal material to protect heavy and irregularly shaped goods during transportation.


  • Using products brings more efficiency, convenience and safety than steel belts
  • Since it is made up of tightly bound polyester fiber bundles, the product guarantees good strength and is much stiffer than steel belts.
  • Possessing the following outstanding advantages: solid as steel, no sharp edges to spoil goods, no rust, no rotting, all weather and UV resistance
  • This strap is also highly shock absorbent during shipping. Keep the cord taut thanks to its elasticity and will stay the same even if the package is bent.
  • 6 times lighter in weight than steel straps of the same length, so it is easy to handle, takes up less space and manpower.

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