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Desiccant bags are manufactured for the following reasons:

Goods are transported in a closed environment, very easily damaged under the impact of too high humidity. When transported through many different areas, steam will condense and damage the goods. Lead to a lawsuit between the parties. Leading to buyers misunderstanding about product quality. Desiccant bags are used to protect goods by:

  • Limits the condensation of water vapor in the container.
  • Prevent spoilage of mold (agricultural products)
  • Warping status of wooden goods, handicrafts
  • Other damages and losses caused by the impact of high humidity (medical equipment, electrical equipment, electronics …)


There are 2 most common types

  • Blue Silica Gel are stained with a color indicator. Should be suitable for preserving electronic items, equipment …
  • On the contrary, white silica gel is very safe for agricultural products, food, vegetables. Because they do not contain any toxic ingredients.

Normally the blue silica gel will have a higher hygroscopic time than the white silica gel. See more about the desiccant packets here.

How tu use ?

desiccant bags
Desiccant bags

Mainly used to hang inside of containers. In long-term travel conditions, products will help increase the ability to preserve goods.
Place the desiccant bag directly into the container or hang it in the container. Before loading goods into containers, check the general condition of the container. And ensure the humidity of the container floor does not exceed 20%. Seal the vents. Hang the desiccant bag on the hook on the ceiling of the container. Now the container is ready for packing.

Using products to keep goods from mold, damage or deformation. Causing waste, costly for businesses and companies. Depending on the weight or type of product, you can choose the appropriate volume. When you see the water-filled desiccant seed changing color, we replace the new desiccant bag.

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