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Medicines can be said to be indispensable in modern life. Almost every family or individual has to store medicine in the house because it will be stored for a long time. Depending on the drug that has a shelf life from 3 months to several years. And to preserve as long as this, businesses have to use desiccant package in medical . Let’s find out!

What is desiccant package ?

Illustration Images
Illustration Images

It is small packages containing desiccant particles. Working by moisture absorption mechanism in the product packaging. The primary use of the desiccant package is to keep items in the consumer’s hands in a quality way without damage from mold and accumulation of water vapor.
Especially in medicine, the product is a medicine with the function of treating human disease. So the preservation of the drug is extremely important. If the ability to store drugs is wrong because of poor quality of the desiccant package. Then the patient drink it, extremely dangerous for health and life. Both cause damage to people and affect the reputation of the business. What if the place of manufacture of the human healing products is not reputable?

Desiccant package in medical

In medicine, Silica gel desiccant is often used.

This is the most common type of desiccant package. The product is synthesized from granular silicon oxide and has a hollow structure of silica. Silicagel’s water absorption capacity is due to capillary phenomena that occur in tiny hollow cavities. The absorbed water is trapped in these compartments.

Ability to absorb moisture

Silicagel grain is capable of absorbing moisture up to 20-40% of its own weight. So a 10g desiccant package can absorb up to 4g of water. Silica gel particles are usually 1 – 5mm in size, white in color, inert, non-toxic, insoluble in water.
In addition to its granular form, Silacagel is also produced in powder form. Anti-moisture powders have similar ingredients and features as Silicagel seeds. Silacagel powder still has excellent water absorption and moisture resistance.

There are 2 types of Silicagel:

Illustration Images
Illustration Images
  • White Silica Gel
  • Blue Silica Gel: The specified silica gel impregnated with a cobalt chloride indicator will change from green to green when approximately 6% by weight of water is absorbed.

Where to buy ?

Because it is a product that directly affects human health. Therefore, medical production enterprises must carefully choose their distributors. Distributor must meet the following criteria:

  • It must be the official distribution company (avoid arising legal problems)
  • Should be an exclusive distributor directly from the manufacturing company . To get the best price
  • That distributor is a business. Ensuring the credibility, legal, invoice …
  • The distributor has clear pricing, agent policies and discounts.

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