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Dunnage air bags are commonly used in sea or road freight, dunnage in containers or large packages to avoid impact, reduce shock to protect the integrity of goods.

Instructions for pumping dunnage air bags

  1. Place the air bag in the gap between the packages
  2. Then pump in air with a gun.
  3. The tail part of the gun connects to the pump nozzle of the air compressor
  4. The other end is connected to the valve on the air bag
  5. Turn on the air compressor and start pumping
  6. Pumping time per bag is 20-40 seconds.
Illustration Images
Illustration Images


  • Check the air bag before use (check the valve and the sides of the air bag)
  • Do not use an air bag longer than the height of the package
  • Never use air bags with a width exceeding the width of the gap
  • Do not pre-pump the air bag and put it in the void because it will be difficult. Should put the bag in the opening first and then pump, this way that will be easier
  • Use only 1 airbag to fill the void, do not insert two airbags as the air bag may be displaced

How to use dunnage air bags

Illustration Images
Illustration Images: Figure below – correct, Figure above – incorrect
  • Do not insert airbags for the space immediately behind the container / truck door. Because this position is not fixed, it is very easy to collide, shake, cause leakage, explosion. In addition, when the door is opened, the goods will fall down with the air bag inflating. Cargo damage and danger to people around you
  • Check and remove sharp wood / metal parts on pallet / wooden case / cargo before dunnage
  • Make sure that the contact area of the bag and the weight of the cargo reach 60% or more, and the height and width / length of the cargo block must be greater than the minimum.
  • Insert the airbag from the top position of the cargo vertically
  • If the space to be inserted is greater than 50cm, need to use additional materials such as cardboard to fill more to reduce the space
  • The air bag and the package pressed against it must contact each other for at least 50% of the bag’s surface area
  • Place the air bag 10cm away from the floor to avoid friction against the floor.

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