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The food production and processing industry is a major industry in the world. And food preservation is alwway a top concern. Because it directly affects the health and human life. So what are the factors that spoil the food? How to properly store food ?

5 factors that spoil the food

1. Microorganism

Microorganisms come in many different types and are everywhere in nature and the effects on food are also different. Depending on the nutritional composition of each food, there are microorganisms and different destructive ways.


2. Temperature

When the ambient temperature affects the food at the right temperature for the growth of rotting microorganisms or the active enzymes in the food, the food quickly spoils. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the suitable storage temperature for each food.

3. Air humidity

The high air humidity creates favorable conditions for microorganisms to thrive. Especially the bacteria that cause rot and mold.
High humidity in the air will be absorbed into the food, changing the status and structure of the food.

4. Oxygen

Oxygen catalyzes the oxidation that transforms the food’s ingredients, especially fats and vitamin C. Most of the microorganisms that cause rot are aerobic respiration. Therefore, prevent oxygen from coming into contact with food to limit microbial growth.
Odor gases such as NH3, H2S,… will be absorbed into food when there are favorable conditions, changing the taste of food.

5. The light

Direct light on the food promotes the metabolism of ingredients in the food, leading to spoilage.

Food preservation method


Ohunter oxyen absorber packets
Ohunter oxyen absorber packets

For the light element and temperature, we store the food in a cool, low temperature. The temperature and light intensity depends on the product.
Especially for the 3 factors of oxygen, humidity and microorganism, there are 2 ways:

  • Use preservatives: keep food for a long time but it is not good for human health in the long run.
  • Use oxygen absorber packets: this is a safe method for health and optimal cost for businesses. The oxygen absorber package is a mixture of powder: iron powder, diatom soil, activated carbon has the effect of deoxygenation, absolute moisture absorption. And without oxygen and moisture, microorganisms cannot survive. Helps eliminate all 3 factors that cause spoilage easily and safely


Using an oxygen absorber packets helps to easily and safely remove spoiling factors for food. In particular, using Ohunter oxygen absorber package capable of deoxidizing 8 times the capacity. Completely superior to conventional suction packs. Help businesses preserve the best food with the most optimal cost.

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