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The Covid-19 pandemic has a worldwide impact. Create both positive and negative influences. Ancillary packaging businesses are no exception. Although packaging is an auxiliary industry. But it plays an important role and makes a significant contribution to the development of the economy. According to a market research report by SPG Media Group – the global packaging industry’s value is about 424 billion USD. In which, the Asian packaging industry accounts for 27%, Europe 30% and North America 28%. Preliminary statistics show that food packaging accounts for 30-50%. In 2019, the total consumption of the paper industry reached 3,818 million tons. In which, the production of paper for packaging accounts for over 80%. This article helps you have a better overview of important and necessary auxiliary packaging products. And important factors to consider when choosing an auxiliary packaging distribution enterprise . From there, find the best packaging unit and product for your business.


Container cargo airbag

Container airbag is a dark solution used to fill the gaps between pallets. Or between the package and the container. Help the goods to be fixed when moving. The insertion of the airbag helps to protect the goods from falling, tilting during transportation. It also helps to protect the safety of workers. Because when workers open the door of the container or the door of the truck. There will be no spilled goods at the door.
Air bags
Air bags

Carton insert airbag

Airbag inserts goods in the carton to protect the goods optimally. Helps to prevent collisions and stabilize goods during storage and transportation. Especially as a substitute for other materials such as sponge jam (currently, some G7 countries such as the US, Japan, and some European countries do not allow the use of sponge.
We specialize in providing products of air bags, dunnage airbags (also known as air bags, air cushion bags) in cartons. Used in packaging, protecting fragile goods, goods sensitive to mechanical impact. Such as canned goods, wine, components… in the process of storing and transporting goods.


Wooden pallets are one of the most popular types of pallets today. Dung to assist in loading and unloading and transporting goods. Because of many advantages in supporting loading and unloading and transporting goods. Materials to make Pallets are very diverse: Paper, pine wood, Melaleuca wood, plywood, plastic, …
A special feature is that businesses can reuse pallets. For timbers, it can be screwed, planed or re-sanded to the desired size to create a new pallet.
Wooden pallets
Wooden pallets

Other products

In addition to the main auxiliary packaging products mentioned above. There are also a few other products. Equally important and greatly supports the long-distance freight process.
For example when receiving goods. You use a safety cutter to cut properly. Helps not to get stuck in goods without a dedicated cutter. Or when the transported goods are damaged but it is not clear which unit caused the above situation. Then the impact detection label or the tilt detection label will help you clearly know the unit causing the damage condition, the extent of the damage to the goods, etc.


Product certification

Ancillary packaging product certification is very necessary and very important. Because if the product packaging is not of good quality. As a result, businesses will not be able to guarantee the quality of goods. Damage to the goods is very likely. Not only loss of property but also the trust of customers.
Some important certifications affirm the quality of ancillary packaging products such as TUV Rheinland certification, Food Hygiene and Safety Certificate (VSATTP), FDA Certificate, Rohs Standard, etc. Each auxiliary packaging product Support will have different properties and characteristics. Should also correspond to different certifications.

Services of auxiliary packaging distribution enterprise

Auxiliary packaging is a specific industry, much involved if transporting goods. But in transportation, there are many risks, many problems arise. Therefore, you need to pay attention to looking for businesses with good and enthusiastic support services. So that when the goods have problems, they will support exchange, advice and accompany you.
A distributor with good service will accompany and develop with you.
Hope this article has helped you better understand the general situation and products related to auxiliary packaging. Factors to choose a reputable auxiliary packaging business. If you want to know more about products, policies, prices, etc., please refer to DNS Solution’s website.
Articles with reference to information from the Wikipedia .

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