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There are different types of pallets such as wooden, paper, and plastic pallets. In each type of pallet there are many different types, especially plastic pallets. Everyone knows that plastic pallets are very popular in the market. But few people know that the best type of plastic pallet is HDPE plastic pallets

What is HDPE plastic pallets ?

Plastic sheets are molded, flat structure, made from HDPE plastic particles. A special feature of plastic pallets is high durability as well as good load-bearing capacity. Due to the measurement of plastic pallets used in loading and unloading goods. Depending on the needs and uses, pallets are manufactured with many types. With different sizes, colors, and textures in order to create many choices for customers

What is HDPE plastic ? Why is it good ?

HDPE (High density polyethylene) – is a high density Polyethylene (PE) plastic. Has a large molecular bonding force, creating outstanding tensile strength and many excellent features. When using HDPE as a material to cast pallet pallets. Pallet products will certainly achieve high durability, toughness. Resistant to impact, temperature, chemicals, rodents, … HDPE plastic pallet is very suitable for use for heavy-duty goods.

Besides, the HDPE plastic particles have the ability to: Resistance to temperature, moisture and chemicals well. So that you do not need to worry about preserving them during use. HDPE plastic pallet can completely withstand the impact of chemicals that leak. During transportation and storage, it can be washed regularly. It is possible to accompany the goods in the preliminary process of goods such as: sterilization, cleaning, drying, …

Therefore, Pallet from HDPE carries many outstanding features. And one of the best-selling plastic pallets. Top rated, and most trusted of all pallet types.


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On the pallet market, there are always 2 types of plastic that are primary plastic and recycled plastic. These two resins are of quite competitive quality and price.

  • HDPE primary plastic pallet

Primary HDPE plastic pallet is produced by the company using new HDPE plastic resins. Also known as the original (not used) for molding new pallets. So the quality will be high and the time used will be optimal.

  • Recycled HDPE plastic pallet

This type is produced by taking advantage of the recyclability of domestic and industrial plastics. After sorting old HDPE plastic utensils. They are crushed, re-cooked, separated, healed and formed into recycled HDPE pellets. These recycled plastic pellets are heated and molded by the manufacturing units. After this process we obtain pallets from new recycled HDPE plastic. And still carries the inherent advantages of HDPE.

Recycled plastic pallet prices are much lower. However, their quality and shelf life will not reach the 100% standard of the original resin.

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