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Oxygen absorber packets is widely used in the market and is the leading solution for storing goods of enterprises. But oxygen absorption packets come in different capacities. How to choose the capacity of the oxygen absorber packets ? This post will answer you !

What is oxygen absorber packets ?

Is a small bag containing a mixture of oxygen absorbers: A mixture of iron powder and sodium chloride, activated carbon, diatom soil, …
It acts as a preservative aid. The oxygen absorber packets remove moisture and oxygen in the product, helping to avoid harmful agents such as mold, microorganisms from entering the product … helping to prolong the storage time.

Illustration Images
Illustration Images

What is the capacity of the oxygen absorber packets ?

It is the number cc attached to the back of the product indicating the capacity of the oxygen absorber packets . Help us to easily choose oxygen absorber packet.

How to choose :
This depends on the amount of residual oxygen you need to reduce in your product. To know the exact amount of residual oxygen we will use this simple calculation:

  • Case 1 :

Since oxygen accounts for 20.8% of the natural air, you calculate the amount of oxygen in the product packaging at this rate.

EX : Dried fish box ( Use gradually )has a capacity of 500 cc ( 500 cc = 500 ml ) We take this 500ml capacity multiplied by the rate of oxygen to get the result.

⇒ 500ml x 20,8% = 104ml = 104cc. So the residual oxygen is 104cc.

  • Case 2 :

However, for all foods used once or during the day. Calculate the amount of oxygen based on the residual capacity of the product

Ex : Cake box with a capacity of 500ml (500cc). Cake with a capacity of 400 ml (400cc).
The amount of excess air of the cake box : = 500 ml – 400 ml = 100 ml = 100 cc
The amount of excess oxygen of the cake box : = 100 cc x 20.8 % = 20.8 ml = 20.8 cc

So the amount of oxygen remaining in this case is 20.8cc.
Once we have calculated the amount of oxygen residue to be removed, we do the calculation to choose the appropriate oxygen absorber package.

Ohunter oxygen absorber packets : Ability to deoxidize 8 times the capacity.

Ohunter oxygen absorber packets
Ohunter oxygen absorber packets

15cc – removes 120 cc of oxygen
30cc – removes 240 cc of oxygen
50cc – removes 400 cc of oxygen

So if the excess oxygen is 100cc, you choose the 15cc suction package for absolute deoxygenation.


To save the most money, you should use a suction pack with large deoxidizing capacity. The most prominent today is the Ohunter oxygen absorber package – capable of superior oxygen reduction 8 times the capacity. Outperforming other oxygen absorber packages (oxygen absorption is only about 3, 4 times of capacity).

Refer to the Ohunter oxygen absorber packets here

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