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There is always great humidity in the air. So in industrial production, whether it is heavy industry or light industry, it is necessary to use desiccant for many different purposes. From the production process to the finished product. Let’s learn about the industrial desiccants !


The most important thing is to define the “condensation point”. It is the degree of temperature that causes the vapor content in the air to exceed saturation and precipitation, forming condensation. The condensing point varies with the amount of water evaporated in the air (low for dry air, and high for humid air). Since then, the industrial desiccant will maximize water vapor reduction, prevent condensation to preserve products, machinery …

When to use industrial desiccants ?


Even if your products are food, medicine, electronic components, leather goods, etc., all will be damaged if the humidity in the packaging or the storage humidity is high.


When transporting goods by container, moisture should also be removed from the container. Because there is always a large amount of moisture on the floor as well as the air in the container. Failure to use the desiccant will damage the product during long haul transportation.

During production

The earth’s surface is covered by more than 70% of water coming from oceans, rivers, streams, and lakes. Under the influence of wind and sunlight, this water can evaporate and be released into the air. Therefore, there is always high humidity in the air. It affects the moisture in the product during production and this moisture damages the machine even more quickly.


desiccant bags
Desiccant bags


Use small desiccant packets from 1g, 2g, 3g, 5g, 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g
Depends on what your product is
Depends on the amount of air in the product’s packaging.
Depending on the product packaging material


In container shipping, use a desiccant bag of 500g or more. Put the bag directly into the cargo container or hang in the container. Before loading the goods in the container, check the general condition of the container. And ensure the humidity of the container floor does not exceed 20%. Seal the air vents. Hang the desiccant bag on the hooks on the ceiling of the container. Now the container is ready for packing.

During production

Desiccant particles can be poured directly into the inside of the machine or hung desiccant bags near the machine to dehumidify around the machine. Create a dry production environment. Both product preservation and machinery preservation.

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