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Oxygen absorption packets is no stranger to production enterprises. The oxygen absorber packets is added to the enclosed packaging to remove oxygen from the product packaging. It is used to help maintain product safety and extend its shelf life. So what is the ingredient of oxygen absorber packets?

Ingredient of oxygen absorber packets

Includes 2 main ingredients: Oxygen absorber and packaging

  • Oxygen absorber:
    • Mixture of iron powder and sodium chloride, activated carbon.
    • It is capable of reducing oxygen to form Fe (OH) 3
    • To aid with oxidation, sodium chloride is added to the mixture. Acts as a catalyst or activator. Makes iron powder can oxidize even with relatively low humidity. When oxygen is consumed to form iron oxide. The level of oxygen in the surrounding atmosphere will decrease. This type of absorption technology can reduce the oxygen level in the surrounding atmosphere to less than 0.01%.
    • Activated carbon absorbs several other gases and many organic molecules. Continue to preserve the product and eliminate odors.
  • Packaging

It is divided into 3 main categories :

    • 2 regular layers: 2 regular layers: PET-PE, no moisture, no oil, suitable for manual methods, oxygen absorption equivalent to other types, but the price is relatively cheap.
    • 3 regular layers: PET-paper – PE, low resistance to moisture, oil. Can be packed by hand or by machine, the price is suitable.
    • 3 Special layer: PET- oil-resistant paper – PE, good oil resistance, can be used for packaging method by machinery. Can be in direct contact with the thực phẩm, but according to food hygiene standards, it should be placed under the plastic tray. Especially suitable for foods with high oil content

Advantages of oxygen absorber packets for the preservation of products

oxygen absorber packets
Advantage oxygen absorber packets
  • The oxygen absorber can absorb the remaining oxygen inside the packaging bag (oxygen only 0.1% is considered as no oxygen). Prevent the growth of bacteria. At the same time, keep outside oxygen from entering during food storage.
  • Safe to use, no side effects, does not cause cancer, and safely protects the freshness of food.
  • Using an oxygen absorbent package that does not need bacteria treatment, can still ensure the color and taste of the product, especially for goodpreservation of foods with low salt sugar.
  • Compared with the vacuum and inert pump method, it is more convenient and the product cost is lower.
  • Extend the shelf life of food, lower production costs.


The Ingredient of oxygen absorber packets is very important because it directly affects the quality of the product and the reputation of the business.

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