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The main function of the pallet is to support goods during production and transportation. But some relatively light commodity industries that use wooden or plastic pallets are not optimal. So these businesses will use paper pallets. So what is paper pallet? Is paper pallet good ? This post will answer all for you.

Structure of paper pallet

Paper pallets are made from several layers of chemically treated paper. Linked together by the glue component creates a unified body. Paper is mostly recycled paper, from sawdust, used wood. Process paper through several stages to produce a raw product. Then press the paper and glue the panels together into a pallet with specialized glue.


Illustration Images
Illustration Images

Why is paper pallet so popular and developed today?

Environmentally friendly
It is made from environmentally friendly materials.
From fragile sheets of paper held together by glue and strong pressure create sturdy pallets that withstand large loads.

Light weight

Lightweight for long distance transportation.

Cost Saving

Especially cost saving in sea, air transportation … Because the weight is only 1/3 of the weight of another pallet.

  • Recyclable paper pallet
  • Businesses use paper pallets to help ensure safety
  • Design diversity
    • There are 3 types: 3-foot pallets , 9- foot pallets, hive pallets


Illustration Images
Illustration Images
  • Nowadays, paper pallets are increasingly used in import and export. Especially high-value or fragile goods.
  • Moreover, when exporting goods to foreign countries. This pallets are lightweight and are not censored as harshly as other pallets. This helps businesses save time and money. Speed up the circulation of goods at border gates, ports…
  • With a very light weight, paper pallets are preferred by many exporting companies. Because sea and air freight charge based on the volume of goods. Paper pallet with the advantage of light will reduce shipping costs.
  • To reduce risks and injuries for workers in warehouses, businesses have turned to using pallets from paper.
  • In the current period, environmental protection is a difficult problem. Consumers will always pay attention to the company’s policies on minimizing and recycling plastic waste, and limiting the impact on the living environment. Therefore, using paper pallets helps companies and businesses to assert themselves. Send a message about environmental protection and get closer to a large number of customers.

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