Price EPAL Pallets is higher, but superior quality

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EPAL pallets are among the highest quality and highest quality pallets in the industry, products are always strictly controlled, ensuring quality on each shipment. This is also one of the mandatory requirements for enterprises specializing in exporting to European countries. Let’s learn about the standards and price of EPAL pallets with DNS Solution in the article below!

price of epal pallet
Is the price of EPAL Pallets as expensive as rumored?

What are EPAL pallets?

EPAL Pallets, also known as Euro Pallets, are one of six types of pallets recognized worldwide by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). EPAL certification is licensed by the European Pallet Association. Euro Pallets are an ideal choice for transporting your goods, with an emphasis on maintaining hygiene and environmental protection, and they offer precise tracking and monitoring.

Euro pallets have standard dimensions of 1200mm x 800mm. These pallets have an interesting origin, dating back to the 1960s after being developed by a coalition of railways from European countries, including Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Lan. The International Railway Union recognized the need to use a standard pallet to optimize the loading and unloading of goods on rail cars. This led to the birth of the Euro Pallet, a type of pallet that has become popular and widely used ever since. With its effectiveness, the use of standard Euro Pallets has spread not only in Europe but also around the world, from North America to Central Asia.

The price of EPAL pallet is “slightly higher” than the usual ones, but the quality is outstanding

Excellent quality

Each EPAL pallet meets European standards with outstanding quality. This ensures that each pallet has a large load capacity, they can act as a packaging product and provide durability for all types of goods. With their lightweight construction, they are easily handled, yet are capable of holding a variety of weights. EPAL pallets are designed to be optimally weather-resistant and very durable. The material is also safer in use, as it is not susceptible to chipping or injury to workers due to excess wood chips or sharp nails.

In addition, EPAL pallets are handled according to ISPM15 standards, which means they are suitable for shipping goods to countries in the European Union. This is especially important in industries such as food and pharmaceuticals. For customs control purposes, the export of goods on these pallets will require a certificate of compliance with the ISPM15 directive.

price of epal pallet
Excellent quality

Easy to handle and transport

The design of EPAL pallets is optimized for ease of use. With 4 lifts, they are accessible from all sides by virtually all types of forklifts and pallet carts, facilitating optimal stacking. Euro Pallet standard dimensions have led to the standardization of the internal dimensions of trucks.

Euro Pallet: Sustainable solution for the environment

EPAL pallets play an important part in protecting the environment. To produce these pallets, it is necessary to use wooden materials. It is worth noting that wood is repairable and recyclable, which also applies to EPAL pallets. By repairing and reusing these pallets, we not only save costs but also reduce the amount of waste released into the environment and avoid wasting valuable resources.

EPAL Pallet Standards

The European Pallet Association has established high-quality standards to ensure the uniformity and durability of pallet products, serving well the needs in the field of transportation and storage of goods.

Dimensions: EPAL pallets are manufactured in a variety of sizes, but the most common size is 800x1200x144mm. This ensures uniformity and convenience in use and management.

Wood Quality: EPAL Pallets use kiln-dried pine wood with less than 22% moisture content. This type of wood not only ensures the durability and load capacity of the product, but also helps protect the environment and has the ability to be reused many times.

EPAL Standard: All standard EPAL pallets must undergo disinfection treatment. The structure of wood in its dry state gives it the ability to withstand a variety of weights. EPAL pallets are also very durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions. In particular, EPAL pallets are treated according to ISPM 15 standards, preventing the development of pests in wood products, ensuring safety and compliance with international regulations.

How to determine whether a genuine EPAL Pallet is?

Each EPAL pallet product is carefully produced through each stage, each tree of appropriate age is selected before being put into production. The number of nails fixed on the pallet is also calculated, measured and accurate to the centimeter.

Products, after being censored by experts on each shipment, will have their logo and full code printed. You can look up the code on the EPAL pallet main website to determine whether it is genuine or not.

price of epal pallet
How to determine whether a genuine EPAL Pallet is?

If you want to learn more about the product or have questions about EPAL Pallets, readers can contact DNS Solution for support. Or if you need to buy pallets in large quantities, please get in touch with hotline 079 3333 086 for the best advice.


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