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What is ISO?

ISO certification issued by ISO organization. This is the result of evaluation and evidence proving that the enterprise has a satisfactory system according to ISO standards. After certification by the ISO Organization, the enterprise system is evaluated and verified.
ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the International Organization for Standardization. Founded in 1947, it now has over 150 member countries.

A set of standards based on good management practices around the world. The purpose of the set of standards is: To ensure that the organizations implementing it are capable of consistently delivering products that meet the quality requirements of their customers.

Mission: Promote the development of standardization. In order to create favorable conditions for the international exchange of goods and services. With the benefits and effectiveness of applying ISO, today it is widely applicable to all organizations. Regardless of the type, scale and product, in the fields of administrative and non-business management.

ISO certification of AtMet dunnage bag

AtMet dunnage bag

Atmet dunnage bag
AtMet dunnage bag

Products manufactured by Atmet Inc., based in Atlanta, USA. Sales offices in China, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand.

Container air bags are the key product of Atmet Group Inc. Receive customers’ trust in product quality.

Currently, Atmet insert air bags are being produced at Atmet’s modern factory located in China (since 1995). With strict quality control process. Atmet Group Inc. is also a company focused on Product Protection and Damage Prevention.

ISO certification of AtMet dunnage bag

ISO certification of AtMet dunnage bag
ISO certification of AtMet dunnage bag

The improvement of ISO 9001: 2015 over the old versions is the approach to thinking based on risk. Help the organization identify factors that could cause its processes and management systems to deviate from its planned results. Put in place controls to minimize negative effects and make the most of the opportunity when it occurs.

Change quality management principles, including:

  • Customer-oriented
  • Leadership
  • Participation of people
  • Process approach
  • Improve
  • Evidence-Based Decisions
  • Relationship manager

The AtMet brand is always in the top of the product packaging air bags. Achieved many international certificates, especially ISO certification.

DNS Solution is currently the official distributor for the Atmet dunnage bag brand. If you have any questions about the product, please contact the free consultation form or call our hotline. All your questions will be responded to quickly.

ContactHOTLINE: 0986 042 188for advice.

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