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Some goods required during transport always need to be fixed in a vertical position
Absolutely not tilt left, tilt right, flip 180-360 degrees. However, sometimes the carrier does not notice this situation still occurs

This leads to damaged goods for which the carrier is not responsible. And the leaning label will help you to solve this problem. Leaning Label and things you need to know ?


The tilt watch indicator is made of only 3 parts – “sticker“, “plastic housing“, and “display window.” There are a brand name, warning slogan, and serial number on the sticker.

Classify – 2 types:

  • 90 degree type: The warning label will turn red if the row is tilted beyond 90 ° and vice versa.
  • Extended type: This type of label monitors the change of goods 360 °. This will show you the exact angle of the cargo.

When to use?

  • Fragile goods : cups, bottles, vases, erfume, ceramics, bulbs, statues
  • Electronics: TV, computer …
  • These valuable items that, if they are bumped in transit, cause great financial losses.
leaning label
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  • It is too easy to use it:
    • Apply the Warning Label in the correct position

    • Tear off the Impact Label and apply it on the Yellow Area of the warning label

    • Place the Small Warning Sticker on bill of lading as a reminder that goods with shock indicators will immediately be inspected upon arrival.

Benefit of Leaning Label

  • Raising awareness of those involved in the handling and transport of packages
  • Provide legal evidence if there is a dispute over liability regarding the damage to the parcel
  • Alert the consignee to carefully check the condition of the package before accepting it
  • Minimize the risk of damage to the package


Tilt indicators assist you monitor unacceptable tilting on items in transit, chemical liquid and uneven weight items for example. It records mishandling to items and provide indubitable evidence when tilt indicators are used.

Each Leaning Label comes with an independent serial number to avoid tampering with an activation label and ensure the device has not been switched during transport. The serial number is helpful and convenient for use with GTS (Goods Tracking System) to track the goods and shipments.

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