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For food exporters, the preservation of intact quality plays an important role. DNS Solution specializes in providing international standard food preservation solutions. Suitable for businesses with export markets. Ohunter oxygen absorber packets is one of our strong products. We would like to share with our customers some characteristic features that make it easy to choose the right product for a specific production situation.

Advantages of Ohunter oxygen absorber packets

  • Absorb oxygen (deoxidize) 8 times the capacity of the suction pack.
  • Powerful desiccant (dehumidifying).
  • The main ingredients are ferromagnetic powder, activated carbon, and diatom soil.
  • There are 2 types of products: anti-oil and normal ones.

How to choose:

ohunter oxygen absorber packets
Ohunter oxygen absorber packets

Select based on product capacity (or suction capacity)

Oxygen makes up 21% of the air’s composition. Therefore, 1 liter of air will have about 210 ml of oxygen. With the ability to deoxidize 8 times the capacity:

    • Ohunter 15CC oxygen absorber package (equivalent to 15ml) is suitable for products packaged with capacity of 500ml or less.
    • Ohunter 30CC (equivalent to 30ml) oxygen absorber package suitable for products packaged from 500ml – 1000ml
    • Suction pack types 50CC and 100CC will be counted the same for larger packaged products.

Selection is based on product characteristics

    • Products containing grease: use anti-oil oxygen absorber package (anti oil). Thanks to the oil-resistant paper in the shell, the oil-resistant oxygen absorber package still works well in greasy environments. For example: moon cakes, Pia cakes, cashew nuts … Without oil-resistant paper, grease will seal the air holes, oxygen absorption will be stopped. Choosing a suitable suction capacity will be like part 1.
    • Grease-free products: either normal or oil-resistant packages can be used. For example: dried fruits, pharmaceutical products … However, we still recommend using the anti-oil oxygen absorber package for the highest peace of mind.

Choose based on ingredients

    • Ohunter’s oxygen absorber is certified by FDA, SGS test, ISO … so we are confident to meet the quality requirements of most markets. Although it is difficult markets: US, EU, Japan …
    • However, there are some specific items that require non-metallic ingredients. If your product belongs to these industries, choose an oxygen absorber that contains alcohol or some other organic powder.


Above are some of the experiences we share to help you choose a more accurate solution. If you need more information or need in-depth advice, please fill out the free contact form, or leave a comment, or call the hotline: 0986 042 188. Our experts will contact you.

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