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Old pine pallets are a top priority for storing, transporting and exporting goods. Because of ensuring quality and aesthetics. Not all types of industrial wood can be done. Old pine pallets are very popular. Because of high applicability but affordable cost, affordable to business.

What is old pine pallets ?

Old Pine Pallets are recycled pine pallets, planed from used pallets. However, it still ensures the quality as well as the aesthetic level. The used wooden pallet with basic structure allows the best possible movement and loading of goods into the warehouse. The old pine pallets are now widely used. Because it makes loading and unloading, moving goods in warehouse, between vehicles easier and faster.

Why choose pine wood to manufacture Pallet?

  • Pine is a tree with large, erect, large and round woody trunk. This gymnosperm usually grows in highlands, where there is a temperate climate
  • More specifically, the pine tree grows rapidly, giving good quality wood, and the color and texture of the wood has a high aesthetic. Used to produce for many different purposes.
  • Pine lumber is lightweight, easy to transport and handle. The resin inside the wood is naturally resistant to pests and termites.
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  • Assist in loading, unloading, storing and transporting goods
  • Affordable cost, affordable for businesses
  • With load capacity up to 1000 kg
  • Meets ISPM15 – the international standard for pallets and the wooden materials used for dunnage.
  • Can be used for export

Where to buy ?

Currently, there are many parties that provide old pine pallets in general with extremely diverse quality and prices. Customers should carefully research the information about the product before buying. Old pine pallet provided by DNS Solution is one of the quality and most popular products today. Products are trusted by meeting standards such as: ISPM15 – the international standard for pallets and the wooden materials used for dunnage.

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