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In addition to the units looking for new sources of plastic pallets, good prices and quality. There are still units wishing to buy old plastic pallets because of the advantages such as: Only use a few more times, need cheap pallets, just pallets to load light goods!

What is old plastic pallets ?

Used plastic pallets are mainly collected from import-export units. The amount of goods imported often use pallets to transport. The pallets are left after the goods are sold out. Some units that do not need a pallet will be resold to collectors. After checking and going through a few refreshes, rinse. This pallet is resold to those wishing to buy used pallet. With a fairly soft price tag.

Signs of recognition
Observed with the naked eye, we will see that the old pallet appears scratches caused by the loading and unloading of goods earlier.
At the same time, old plastic pallets will have a lighter color than new plastic pallets. It’s pretty easy to spot.

Advantages of old plastic pallets

Illustration Images
Illustration Images

Good price. The cost of an old pallet is about 30-40% cheaper than a new pallet. Help you save a lot of costs.
It is still possible to buy good pallet goods. Most of the old plastic pallet products are used at about 60% -80%.
There are still a variety of designs and sizes.
Reuse contributes to environmental protection.
However, with the above advantages, there will still exist disadvantages that you should consider.


  • Because it is used, you cannot know exactly what the actual pallet load is.
  • It is possible to buy used pallets that have been used many times, and load heavy goods continuously for several years. These products will often get distorted, cracked legs, and lack of aesthetic appeal. Usually when you go to buy old plastic pallets. The problem is that old pallets often have welds, and you should consider using them.
  • Several types of pallets were purchased, which were overburdened in the previous shipment. Leads to a preliminary broken pallet structure. These errors can be difficult to spot as soon as you buy them.
  • During transportation and storage, forklifts can hit the pallet wall hard. May result in deformation or slight breakage. This affects the payload of the pallet.


If you are considering using an old pallet or a new pallet, there are a few issues to consider:

  • Old plastic pallets will save you a lot of money. Especially if you only use it for a short time, and your goods are relatively small in volume. Economic problem about using a pallet once.
  • Old plastic pallets are the perfect choice if you need them for one-time delivery, and the item you stock is 50% lighter than the pallet’s static load.


  • However, it is necessary to consider the commodity risks. Old pallets should only be used for a short period of time. You need to check them regularly, to ensure the safety of goods and users.
  • New plastic pallets cost just over 30% of the price of old pallets. The shelf life of a new pallet is 5-10 years.
  • They are guaranteed a safety level from the manufacturer. A new pallet has been pre-marketed for quality, load and safety, as well as shelf life. The price is only 30% higher than the old pallet, then this will be a right investment choice. Minimize unnecessary risks. So if you use it for a long time, you should use a new plastic pallet.

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