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How harmful is food contamination?

The foods we eat are often not absolutely clean, but more or less polluted. Food contamination can come from the environment or be produced by internal ingredients.

For example

    • Foods that are moldy over time will contain aflatoxin.
    • In the cold meats, ham, sausage contain nitrate , toxic nitrite.
    • If the content of preservatives exceeds the permitted standards, it will also harm the health of users.

In fact, it has been recorded in many cases how unhygienic foods cause harm to people and animals.

    • In 1960, 10,000 chickens at a British factory were killed by moldy feed.
    • Many cases of food poisoning in schools and industrial zones have been recorded.

Contamination of food is harmful to everyone’s lives. So in all food use situations, we need to be careful to avoid unfortunate situations


Origin of the product
Vegetables grown, livestock raised in contaminated areas or contaminated water
Clean water is also a factor to consider for manufacturers of purified water, bottled water, beer, wine.
For fruits, vegetables, fertilization with the wrong content or incorrect use of pesticides can cause residues of toxins that are harmful to humans.

Production and processing facilities are not guaranteed

Easily invaded by flies, cockroaches and mice
The process of slaughtering is not hygienic.
The tools used in the processing can be agents that introduce toxins or bacteria into the food

Preservation process

Improper packaging, storage and transportation also cause food contamination or toxin entry.
Using poor quality oxygen absorber packets leads to moldy products, bacteria growth.

Use oxygen absorber packets

Effects of climate on product storage

  • Humidity

High humidity causes serious product problems.

  • Oxygen

Oxygen accounts for 20.9% of the volume of air, which is a necessary condition for the survival of bacteria.
In addition, the product will oxidize in an oxygenated environment, resulting in damage to the product

So the biggest causes of spoilage are moisture and oxygen. To preserve the product, use the Ohunter oxygen absorber package. For optimum removal of both moisture and oxygen from the packaging and the product.


Ohunter oxygen absorber packets
Ohunter oxygen absorber packets

Known under the name “8-fold suction pack”, Ohunter’s deoxygenation capacity is 8 times more than its capacity, combined with strong moisture absorption. We are confident this is the product you are in need of in the preservation sector

Ingredients: iron powder, activated carbon, diatom soil, sodium salt …
Capacity (cc): 15, 30, 50, 100
Size (mm): 30 × 40 (15cc); 35 × 45 (30cc); 40 × 50 (50cc); 40 × 60 (100cc)
Klt (gr): 1.4 (15cc); 2.3 (30cc); 3.4 (50cc); 5.5 (100cc)
De-oxygen: 8 times the capacity
Type: Normal And Anti Oil (anti-water, anti-oil)
Moisture absorption: good hygroscopicity
Packing: 3 layers:

    • Normal type: anti-impact PET plastic shell, paper, PE plastic layer against impact
    • Anti-Oil type: anti-impact PET plastic shell, oil-resistant paper, anti-impact PE plastic layer


    • 10,000 packs / carton (500 packs / bag, 20 bags / carton) (15cc type)
    • 6000 packs / carton (300 bags / bag, 20 bags / carton) (30cc type)
    • 4000 packs / carton (200 packs / bag, 20 bags / carton) (50cc type)
    • 3000 packs / carton (150 packs / pack, 20 packs / carton) (100cc type)

Indications: do not eat

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