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Oxygen absorber packets are commonly used in the market

Products supporting industry are increasingly diversified to help preserve products more easily. Previously, most businesses only used desiccant packets for preservation. However, this is quite inadequate because: Some specific products cannot be hygroscopic. Or some other products that only absorb moisture are not enough for safe storage. Because the product is still spoiled by oxidation and mold …Therefore, oxygen absorber packets is increasingly used. Currently, oxygen absorbent packages are being used in many industries:

  • Moon cake
  • Pia cake
  • Drying fruits
  • Fried rice
  • Roasted cashew nuts
  • Roasted peanuts …

Things you need to know

For manufacturing businesses

  • With the ability to absorb 8 times more oxygen, strongly absorb moisture, you should not use the Ohunter oxygen absorber packets to expose the suction package to the air for a long time without being used. Will make the Ohunter absorbent packets absorb oxygen and moisture from the environment, reducing its ability to deoxidize and dehumidify. Each of our products is vacuumed. When opening, only leave for a maximum of 40 minutes. If not in use, they must be packed and sealed.
  • Select the suction packets volume to match the product volume.
  • Select the appropriate oxygen absorber packets for the product:
    • For products containing oil, grease, or high fineness. For example: moon cakes, Pia cakes, oil-containing agricultural products, flour … Use anti-oil oxygen absorbent packets
    • The rest of the products can use a normal oxygen absorber.

Normal Ohunter oxygen absorber packets
Normal Ohunter oxygen absorber packets
Anti-oil Ohunter oxygen absorber packets
Anti-oil Ohunter oxygen absorber packets

For user

  • If you find there are oxygen absorber packets in cakes, candies, bags of dried fruit, nutritious cereal … please pay attention to ensure the safety of yourself and your family:
  • Do not cut it out, avoid being shot into the eyes, nose or mouth by substances contained in the suction package.
  • Absolutely not eat.
  • Keep out of reach of CHILDREN. Children are often curious and can open the suction package to see. Ideally, please dispose of trash with the product cover.
  • Although the composition of the Ohunter oxygen absorber is not toxic. But if you eat it, or if you get shot in your eyes, nose, or mouth … get medical attention immediately.


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