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The pine wooden pallets for export is used to store the exports. It is the right size to streamline on the Container. Besides, the requirements of wooden pallets are also clearly laid out. In this article, DNS Solutions outlines some standards and regulations specific to exported pine wood pallets.

Standard of pine wooden pallets for export

Pine wooden pallets used to export goods abroad must be free from termites and mold. In addition, the pallet must be dried to a standard temperature of 30oC. Pallets are also polished from 1 to 4 sides to help wooden pallets have a smooth surface
During transportation, pine wood pallets must withstand the impact of transport from Party A’s production and packaging, until they are loaded onto the container and brought to the port. Finally, to the warehouse, Party B is affected during the unloading and warehousing.
In addition, before exporting to foreign countries, wooden pallets must have ISPM 15 fumigation certificate according to international regulations and passed Customs.

Dimensions of pine wood pallets exported through Europe

Illustration Images
Illustration Images

In Europe there are strict standards for wooden pallets when for export goods. They accept only EURO pallets specified under EPAL EUR.

International freight forwarders will accept sharing 1 type of pallet. As a result, the handling of goods transported within the European economic region will also be simpler than in the European single market system. EURO pallets will make the transport process more efficient according to ISO standards because the pallet size is slightly smaller than the width of the container. The four common sizes of the EURO pallet (along with the ISO alternative dimensions) are:

EURO Pallet typeDimensions, mm / inch (W × L)Similar to ISO Pallets
EUR, EUR 1800 × 1,200 mm / 31.50 × 47.24 inISO1, same size EUR
EUR 21,200 × 1,000 mm / 47.24 × 39.37 inISO2
EUR 31,000 × 1,200 mm / 39.37 × 47.24 in
EUR 6800 × 600 mm / 31.50 × 23.62 inISO0, ½ the size of EUR
600 × 400 mm / 23.62 × 15.75 in¼ the size of EUR
400 × 300 mm / 15.75 × 11.81 in1/8 of EUR


Currently, on the market, there are many businesses providing wooden pallets for export. With extremely diverse quality and price. Customers should carefully learn about the origin of the product, the specifications, the price before buying.

The exported pine pallet provided by DNS Solution is one of the most popular and quality products today. Products are trusted by meeting standards such as: ISPM15 – the international standard for pallets and the wooden materials used for dunnage. DNS Solution is committed to quality standards as well as reasonable prices.

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