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Plastic straps are popular products and widely used in many industries. Especially the transport industry. With the increasingly diverse needs of users. Manufacturers come up with a variety of plastic straps with different materials and colors to suit each type of goods. Some technical terms and information refer to Wikipedia.

What is Plastic Straps ?

It is straps made of plastic used to tie goods in production and transportation.

Currently on the market there are 3 main types:

  1. PET straps
  2. PP straps
  3. Composite straps

The selection criteria of plastic straps are as follows:

  • The straps has good tightening, but does not create abrasion against the cargo. Helps keep the surface of the cargo from being damaged.
  • And has flexible elasticity to absorb force well and suit the load and size of the goods.
  • The straps must be durable. Even in wet, hot and chemical conditions.
  • Not affected by environmental impacts.
  • Can be reused many times.
  • The straps has good flexibility always keep the goods stable during the travel on the road.

When to use ?

Illustration Images
Illustration Images

Composite straps: are used for fastening large packages and for fastening heavy industrial machinery. Therefore, most transportation and import-export companies use this type of belt. In addition, the surface of the wire also has a waterproof layer to help resist the corrosion of acids and chemicals.

PP straps and PET straps : will be used for packing small crates or packages that are not too large. The point to note here is the payload. Usually the load capacity of PP straps will be lower than PET straps in the same wire size. It is important to find out what the actual needs are in order to choose a suitable straps.

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