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Advantages of PP Straps

Strong and sturdy: The PP straps has high mechanical strength, keeps the tension for a long time. Withstand large loads, not deformed in harsh environments.

Safety:The surface of the wire is bright, shiny, with many outstanding colors, easy to recognize when packing. The edges of the straps are soft. No sharp edges like steel straps, safe for hands and cargo.

Economic benefits:1 ton of plastic straps = 6 tons of steel belts, lower unit price, significant cost savings.

Versatility:Suitable for all automatic machines, hand-held machines and production lines. All sizes meet all the length and width specifications to fit your machine.

Durable:The product is water resistant, anti-rust, anti-oxidant, recyclable, and environmentally friendly. You can reuse the plastic straps many times without any loss of quality.

Instructions for use

pp straps
PP straps

Choose the right straps for each product

  • Common shapes: square, rectangle, cylinder will easily tighten
  • For products with no regular shape. Thereafter, it is advisable to add other materials in the missing locations to make the product almost identical to the regular shape.
  • For goods with large weight, PET plastic straps should be used. It has much better bearing capacity.

Use the equipment and accessories included

  • When using PP straps, there are usually supporting devices such as automatic and semi-automatic or manual welding machines
  • It is possible to use the included accessories for the straps to be most stable and secure during transportation.

Insert soft materials into the sides of the cargo box

  • Soft material should be inserted at the edge of the tank to ensure the safest product

Tie the straps symmetrically

  • Be careful to tie the straps symmetrically over the center of gravity of the box or product. Helps to stabilize goods and make sure the safest in the process of transporting goods.

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