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The strap is made of poor quality plastic. Will quickly dry out, get damaged, cannot be reused many times. Steel straps can damage the cargo due to its iron edges friction with the cargo, causing loss of safety. The straps quickly degrade after a period of use. Therefore, businesses should use high-grade plastic straps to protect goods and save costs. So what is the price of high quality plastic straps?

Price of high quality plastic straps

Plastic straps price depends on the type of plastic straps you choose. Currently on the market there are 3 types of high quality straps:

PP plasic straps :

PP plastic straps, also known as PP straps , PP Straps is the most popular type of cargo bagging belt today with advantages of cost, high strength, waterproof, good chemical resistance, and many specifications. , color, recyclable.

  • Various colors: Yellow, red, green, blue, white …
  • In addition to the above specifications, PP plastic straps are also manufactured according to the requirements of the user.
  • Print the name on the straps easily
  • Straight and copper wire for easy use of strapping by hand machine or automatic machine.
  • Safe to use, does not damage the carton
  • Having the cheapest price on the market, optimal cost for businesses.
Illustration Images
Illustration Images

PET plastic straps

PET plastic straps are plastic straps made from PET plastic, with much better bearing capacity than PP straps. PET plastic straps – are the perfect substitute for iron belts on the market today.

Characteristics of PET plastic straps

  • Not oxidized, soft, so it does not affect goods, cartons.
  • Price is more competitive than steel straps, saves costs
  • Environmentally friendly, recyclable
  • Safe, easy to use
  • Color: Green
  • The price is quite cheap, but higher than the PP plastic belt, but has a tightness and durability than the PP plastic belt.

Composite straps

Composite straps are high quality belts, made up of extremely high strength composite materials and crafted with the most modern technology, providing high efficiency in protecting goods during loading and unloading and shipping.

  • Stronger and more durable than steel straps.
  • Not sharp and does not damage or scratch the goods.
  • No rust, resistant to 98% sulfuric acid.
  • Withstand all weather conditions and UV rays
  • High tightness and bearing capacity.
  • Withstand the shock force when transporting goods, the goods are difficult to break down and avoid risks in freight forwarding.
  • Reusable, easy to connect without wires while still ensuring the tightness of goods.
  • Has the highest price among plastic straps. However, it is the best quality product for high load capacity.


It is important to choose the distributor with the best price for plastic straps, but it also depends on:

  • Load cargo that choose the right straps.
  • Full of international certifications
  • Have a good service policy
  • Experienced expert consulting.

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