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You are a business that wants to buy plastic pallets. But on the market there are too many types of plastic pallets with many prices that make you wonder. Read this post to understand what factors the price of plastic pallets is determined on?

What factors are determined on plastic pallet prices?

  • Structure

The same plastic pallet has the same specifications but with different structure, the selling price will be different
4 types of plastic used to manufacture pallets

    • Primary HDPE plastic: HDPE also known as PE. Primary means it has not been recycled
    • Recycled HDPE plastic: is a plastic that has been recycled 1 or more times.
    • Primary HDPP plastic: Also known as PP. And yet to be recycled
    • Recycled HDPP Plastic: All the black pallets you will often see most are made from recycled PP plastic

Primary plastic will cost more than recycled plastic.

  • Old and new plastic pallets
    • The price difference between old and new plastic pallet is> 25 – 50%
    • One thing is certain that the price of the new plastic pallet will cost more than the price of the old plastic pallet. But it is also certain that the quality of the new pallet is guaranteed and using the old pallet is always risky.
  • Loading capacity

A plastic pallet has a higher lifting capacity, its mass is also proportionally high.
Up to 99% of customers buying plastic pallets do not know this parameter.
Comparison example between 2 plastic pallets with the same standard lifting capacity of 1000 kg. But one pallet weighs only 10kg, while another has a weight of 11kg. The 11kg plastic pallet will be able to lift up to 1200kg, while the 10kg type can’t.

plastic pallets
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  • Design

2-sided plastic pallets have a higher price than single-sided plastic pallets. Because 2-sided pallet design costs extra processing costs and plastic materials, so the cost is higher. 2-sided plastic pallets usually have high payloads, and are easy to use for forklifts, because there is no need to distinguish the top and bottom.

  • Delivery

Pallets have large volume and area. So to deliver pallets must be delivered by container, truck …

Delivery costs will be very high if you choose a supplier that is too far from your business. You should choose the supplier located in the major city closest to your production site.

Conclusion about the price of plastic pallets

The above are factors that affect the price of plastic pallets. That means that not every high price is expensive, low price is cheap. But you have to see each element of the pallet from plastic components, designs, types of pallets … From there choose the right pallet supplier for your business.

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