Carton insert airbag

Carton insert airbag is the most effective dunnage product currently. It is trusted by G7 countries such as the US, Japan, and some European countries. Carton insert airbags are a great alternative to traditional dunnage products because of their safety, aesthetics, and ease of use.

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  • International Certifications
  • Good bearing capacity
  • Various sizes and types

Carton insert airbag

Carton insert airbag

Carton insert airbag is a new-age product of development in the packaging industry. It is a recyclable packaging material and an alternative to shredded paper, foam, and other packaging materials.

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carton insert airbag

Carton insert airbags have achieved safety and quality assurance certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, SGS, and TUV.

Carton insert airbags are available variety of sizes and types: pillow and cushion airbags. They are suitable for dunnage and package items of any size.

Carton insert airbag provides a strong protective layer and durable protective layer has excellent elasticity and is very difficult to break. In addition, the bag is waterproof and impact resistant, and long-lasting against harsh environments.

carton insert airbag

Why should choose buy our carton insert airbag?

All of our carton insert airbag products have passed the strictest, highest international quality certifications such as ISO, SGS, and TUV.

DNS Solution provides sample products for customers to use and test at the customer’s factory completely free of charge to provide the best practical experience. 100% money-back guarantee if the item is not of good quality.

Carton bag inserts have a variety of sizes and models, suitable for each type of good, and meet unique customer requirements.

Our technical team will advise you on a free solution. We guide you to choose and use the carton insert airbag to achieve the highest efficiency.

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As the official and exclusive distributor of many products in Vietnam’s market, we always give the best prices and policies to our partners and customers. Win-win is the motto of cooperation at DNS Solution.

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10 years experience in supporting industry. We have built a diverse set of products, meeting all requirements and standards for each business with different production and business goals.

A team of longtime experts in research and development. Applying the latest advances of world science and technology for each product. To improve efficiency and maximize cost savings.


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carton insert airbag

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FAQs about Carton insert airbag

Is the Carton insert airbag broken?

Carton insert airbags are made from quality plastic material, so they are very durable. They have a big bearing capacity with loads up to 40-70 kg. It is not easy to detonate by hand like ordinary blasting foam sheets, except for collision with sharp iron objects.

How many meters in a roll of carton insert airbag?

Each roll has a length from 900m to 1100m.

Is the air pillow prone to explosion or deflation?

The rate of the explosion of the pillow airbag rarely occurs because the air pillow is made of HDPE plastic and is pumped with the right amount of air at the time of installation of the pump. Unless there is a direct impact of sharp and pointed objects from the outside environment on the air pillow, the explosion/deflation rate will happen because the installation process of the heat seal machine is open / not good.

Does DNS Solution sell airbag pump with carton insert?

DNS Solution sells two types of airbag pumps with carton inserts: XD 100 air bag blower and XD 100 air bag blower specialized for cushion and pillow type airbags.

Does DNS Solution have a trial product?

We provide samples in advance for customers to experience and test free of charge.

Can the carton insert airbag be recycled?

A cushion airbag is a recyclable and eco-friendly product. However, after repeated use, the airbag may collapse.


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