Impact Labelis a set of products with many international quality certificates such as TUV Test, ROHS – SGS … Using Impact Label is also a affirmation of the professionalism of the business. Contribute to improving the product’s image and position in the international market.

Price: 85,000đ/piece - 110,000đ/piece
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In the process of transporting and distributing goods, businesses always face the risk of the cargo being impacted. Meanwhile, the process of tracking the responsibility of the parties involved when the goods are damaged takes a lot of time. Therefore, theImpact Label 50Gis the optimal solution to help you reduce worries when transporting goods.

Overview of IMPACT LABEL 50G


  • Plastic decal with glue
  • The glass tube contains the red compressed liquid


It is used to detect shock during transportation or storage. When the set G value is exceeded, the indicator will change from white to red. It is irrefutable proof that the product was shocked.


Used to detect shock, vibration is too strong. Protect the interests of businesses in the process of transporting goods.

When To Use Impact Label 50G ?

  • Slight collision and vibration acceptable
  • Abnormal drop or impact unacceptable
  • Your goods cannot fall from more than 30-60cm
Impact Label 50g shock indicator label
Image illustrating the application of the Impact Label

Advantages of IMPACT LABEL 50G

  • Because it is made from waterproof and UV-resistant plastic decal material, the IMPACT LABEL 50G label can work well under many shipping conditions.
  • Suitable for goods that need lightness during transport such as art, luxury goods or fragile goods.
  • Use the shock indicator label Impact Label helps detect problems with your goods. From there, quickly find service solutions to ensure the quality of goods as well as the reputation of the business.
  • The product is irrefutable “proof of steel”, ensuring the process of handling responsibility when damage occurs.
  • Awareness raising parties involved in transportation.
  • Remind people to carefully check the goods before receiving them.
Impact Label 50g
Picture illustrating how to use shock indicator label

Why choose IMPACT LABEL 50G?

  • Impact Label 50G is a product set with many international quality certifications. Can include exclusive Taiwan patents. Or TUV Test from Germany, ROHS – SGS. The product has been licensed for domestic circulation in Japan.
  • More specifically, each product is printed with a unique barcode and serial number. This helps to retrieve information or avoid scrambling when problems occur.
  • Using the Impact Label impact detection label is also an affirmation of the professionalism of the business. Contribute to improving the product’s image and position in the world market.
  • DNS Solotion is the official distributor of the company, so the price is reasonable.

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  • Packing: 50 pieces/box
  • Structure: Paper decal, plastic and liquid tube indicating red color when impacted.
  • Mechanism: When the impact/falling package reaches the force limit, the bulkhead breaks and the red liquid escapes to show that the cargo has been hit/dropped.
  • Certification: Taiwan’s exclusive patent, SGS-ROHS, German TUV test, ISO 9001-2015, licensed in Japan.
  • Expiry date: 2 years from the date of shipment.
  • Force limit: 50G

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