OLFA SK-10 Safety cutter

Price: 258000
Extended information
  • Depth of cut: 0.16”/ 4mm
    Replacement blade: SKB-10
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SKY PAK brings you the OLFA SK-10 safety knife line. The product has a chicken edge design that protects the inner style, helping to limit tongue cutting and cutting. In addition, the product also stands out with its acetone resistance, ease of cleaning and outstanding durability,…

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Advantages of OLFA SK-10 safety cutter

Hidden blade, safe when cutting

The product includes a blade made from Japanese steel, sharp and extremely durable. After damage, you just need to change a new blade edge very easily and without using any support tools.

The guide blade allows lifting and cutting, perfect for cutting shrink film, PP rope, bubble wrap without damaging the goods.

The metal tip slits the tape

In addition, the knife has a stainless metal tape cutting head, helping to quickly cut tape on boxes without damaging the goods inside.

Resistant to abrasion and acetone

The product handle is made from Nylon – 6 Polyamide which is resistant to acetone and easy to clean. The thumb rest and anti-slip grooves help create a secure and very comfortable grip. The knife is designed symmetrically, allowing use with both hands.

Products with safety lanyard holes help prevent unwanted accidents from occurring.

Resistance to acetone

The product is solvent resistant and can be cleaned with acetone or other chemicals.

GS Mark – Geprüfte Siterlet (Safety tested)

The product has received the GS mark – certifying that the product meets the quality and safety standards set by the German Product Safety Act (ProdSG).

Product structure

The protective blade not only helps you avoid contact with the blade but also allows the cutting object to make more precise contact.
Four-position safety blade reduces stings.
Reposition the blade to reveal the new blade edge.
Stainless steel divider.
The thumb rest and anti-slip grooves provide a secure and comfortable grip.
Symmetrical design allows use by both right-handed or left-handed people.

How to replace the blade

The method is very simple: You pull the black zipper down to release the blade cover, slide it out to open. Place the blade in the slot and you’re done.

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