OLFA SK-15 safety cutter

Price: 70.000
Extended information

The cutting mouth opens to pass material and protect the user
Durable and sharp stainless steel blade
Fully open cutting blade + Premium sharp blade saves 25% of effort
Sharp tip separates adhesive tape and shrink film
Easy to clean and sanitize
Symmetrical design uses both hands
Depth of cut: 0.16″ / 4mm

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The SK-15 safety knife product has a hidden blade, ensuring user safety. The product has a sharp, stainless steel blade that reduces usage force by up to 25%, making it more outstanding than other competitors on the market. SKY PAK invites you to follow the following article for more detailed information about the product.

Safe and convenient cutting knife

OLFA SK-15 is a product line of hidden blade safety knives, outstanding with outstanding durability and extreme convenience.

Cutter hides blade safely

The product is designed to help ensure maximum safety for users. The stainless steel blade is located in a covered groove, ensuring cutting only on the specified material, the cutting channel is always open and the blade is sharp, helping to reduce the force used by up to 25% compared to other knives on the market.

Many utilities, convenient tape cutting

The product is suitable for cutting materials such as cardboard, straps, films, wrapping films, adhesive tape and many other materials,…

Integrated guards help guide each cut and can be used to puncture materials when necessary.

Stainless steel blade, durable handle

SK – 10’s blade is made of stainless steel, as sharp as a regular blade. The handle is reinforced from durable fiberglass, with anti-slip grooves to enhance grip.

Large lanyard hole

The knife has a large lanyard hole that is compatible with a variety of accessories. Attaching a lanyard reduces the risk of the cutter being lost or mistakenly included in the cargo.

NSF certified

With an open channel design and stainless steel blade, the SK – 15 is easy to clean and meets NSF certification.

Many colors, easy to recognize

With each separate color, you can use each type of knife for different purposes, while also making knife management easier.

Resistance to acetone

SK-15 is resistant to solvents and can be cleaned with acetone or other chemicals, helping to remove paint and other solvent-based liquids.

GS Mark – Geprüfte Siterlet (Safety tested)

The SK-15 safety cutter received the GS mark, certifying that the product meets the quality and safety standards set by the German Product Safety Act (ProdSG).

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