PET plastic straps are one of the most popular types of fastener straps. Because it has the advantage of durable quality, affordable price. Environmentally friendly and recyclable.

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  • PET plastic straps made from polyester plastic
  • It is the most popular strap in packaging
dây đai nhựa PET
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Advantages of PET plastic straps


It is designed to be safe for users
The product does not have sharp edges when cut, and it does not bounce back like steel wire.
It protects employees, customers and machines. At the same time gives you an inexpensive alternative method for steel straps.


This is a durable plastic strap like a steel strap
It is elongated and shock resistant. And it is hard to break. Since it is five times lighter than the steel strap, it is easier to use flexibly than the steel strap.


The soft and flexible texture of the plastic straps protects the most sensitive products.
It does not corrode, rust or yellow on your product

Best price

This product has a low price to help save costs for businesses

Easy to use

Since it is lightweight and tough it is easy to use
It can be disposed of as ordinary industrial waste or recycledThe cost of the tool is low
Only one tool is needed, the belt tensioner. Wear and tear is minimum when using this device

dây đai nhựa PET
The image illustrates the application of the product


PET plastic straps have been used very widely in many fields

  • packaging industry
  • manufacturing of bricks and tiles, ceramics, wood, iron and steel, aluminum, garment, electronics
  • transportation, forwarding, construction, transportation

Where to buy PET plastic straps is good quality?

Currently there are many businesses are also supplying this product in the market. However, to own PET straps reasonable price and guaranteed quality. You can confidently choose the products provided by DNS Solution. Our PET plastic straps have a full range of international certifications

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  • Width:
Specifications (mm)Bearing (Kg /mm2)Number of meters/kg
9,2 x 0,63261131
12,7 x 0,634399
15,5 x 0,855861
15,5 x 0,962854
16 x 0.857659
16 x 0.964853
19 x 0.976944
19 x 1.085540
  • Product packaging: 21-22 kg/1 roll.

With paper core diameter: 406mm, 200mm with a weight of 1kg.

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