The Easy Cut 2000 is the most optimal safety knife available today. Widely used in warehouses, factories, distribution centers, large and small supermarkets, … to open boxes safely and quickly without damaging your goods.

Price: 330,000đ/piece - 750,000đ/piece
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  • Product status: Brand new
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  • Warranty, exchange: Free if the product is defective
  • Delivery: Flexible according to the actual situation
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During the production, transportation and packaging of goods. Then there are a lot of insecurity when using an ordinary knife. Cutting knife – an industrial supporting product doesn’t seem to matter much. But it greatly affects production if not choosing the right product. Therefore, Easy cut 2000 safety knife is very popular with businesses.

Structure of safety knife EASY CUT 2000

Its structure includes plastic cover, cap components – plastic buttons and stainless steel blades.

Easy cut 2000 is a knife specially designed to open all kinds of cartons, belts, goods safely and easily.

dao cắt an toàn easy cut 2000
Structure of Easy cut 2000

Advantages of EASY CUT 2000

Adjustable of the blade:

This product can install 3 blade modes corresponding to the different depth and thickness of the container to avoid damaging the products of the business.
There is an additional feature of locking the position and shearing the packing tape.

Flexible design

Allows right-handed and right-handed users to use the knife

Blade extension features:

The blade expansion feature gives the user a comfortable and consistent blade, eliminating repetitive finger movements.

Easy to change blades:
Changing the blade and spare holder of this knife is simple and quick.
The knife edge adjuster allows for high precision shearing of the box, easy for beginners to use. There is also a safety lock while the blade is open.

Lid and lanyard:
Avoid losing the cutter

Low cost of use over time:

conventional knife 1 month broken or replaced blade. This product only needs to replace the blade and 3 to 5 years to fail 1 knife. Help save costs many times compared to using a conventional cutter.

dao cắt an toàn easy cut 2000
Easy cut 200


  • Limit the phenomenon of damage to goods due to cut off
  • Designed for both left- and right-handed users
  • Using many times, reducing the waste of blades, saving costs for businesses
  • No injury to the user

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  • Size: 16cm
  • Blade size: 4cm
  • Structure: Plastic shell, lid components – plastic buttons and stainless steel blades.
  • Pack:
    • Knives: 12 pieces/box
    • Blades: 81 blades/box
  • Warranty: 1 month exchange for technical defects

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