Wooden pallets are made from wooden slats of different thicknesses. The wooden bars are closely linked together to create a durable texture, flat surface, and convenient design for the transportation of goods. Wooden pallets are diverse in size and durable, so they are widely used for storing and transporting goods.

Price: 110,000đ/pallet - 750,000đ/pallet
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Overview of wooden pallets


Wooden pallets are made from wooden slats of different thicknesses. The wooden bars are closely linked together to create a durable texture, flat surface, and convenient design for the transportation of goods.

Popular Size:

The general standard for the size of this Pallet is:

1000x1000x150 (mm).
1100x1100x150 (mm).
1200x800x150 (mm).
This size may vary by country, but the deviation is not too large. Does not affect the import and export transportation.

Most of the glue wood pallet products at DNS Solution are popular sizes. Easy to use with different types of goods. But still ensure the safety and stability of the product in moving.

Classify wooden pallets:

Classification by material:

Melaleuca wood pallets:

  • Melaleuca trees are easy to grow, easy to grow even in barren soils, poor in nutrition and do not need much care. Thanks to the plentiful supply of Melaleuca wood in the country, the application is a lot of pallets.
  • Melaleuca wooden pallets have high mechanical strength, less warping than other wood
  • Melaleuca wood has a very quick moisture loss. This feature helps to reduce drying costs as well as storage costs. Just helps the product resist termites and mold.
  • Especially the drying cost of acacia wooden pallets is also lower than that of other pallets.

Pine pallets:

  • The pine tree grows rapidly, so it is always the source in the market. The quality of pine is quite good and the price is not too high. Due to its hardness properties, it has very good bearing capacity, so it is used to make pallets
  • Pine wood pallets help to resist mold moisture thanks to its excellent water resistance.
  • Pine pallets are beautiful and smooth, so they are widely used in export

Classification by design

Melaleuca and pine pallets are available in two types:

2-way pallets: Pallets are designed to be able to lift 2 ways: front and rear

4-way pallets: Pallets are designed to be able to lift in 4 directions: front and rear, left and right

pallet gỗ thông mới 2 chiều
2 – way pallets
pallet gỗ thông mới 4 chiều
4-way pallets


  • Since palletizing is a manual activity, it is possible to flexibly resize the wood. You can measure your goods and place the manufactured wooden pallet with the required size.
  • Wooden pallets can be recycled when not in use. Contribute to protect the environment
  • Affordable price helps optimize costs for businesses
  • The product is light in weight, easy to transport. So it is used in import and export

Note when using

pallet gỗ keo (tràm) 4 chiều

Note when using

  • The correct design load of the pallet should be used. Avoid pressing too much and causing the goods to collapse.
  • Select the right size for the goods for more convenient transportation without affecting the pallet.
  • It is recommended to use a forklift to transport pallets. Avoid pulling the pallet under the floor to avoid splitting the bottom spokes, easy to dump goods on the pallet.
  • Should order heavy below, light goods above so that when loading will be fixed and easier.

Why choose the wooden pallet of DNS SOLUTION?

DNS Solution offers a variety of wooden pallets: 2-way pine pallet, 4-way pine pallet, 2-way melaleuca wood pallet, 4-way melaleuca wood pallet. In addition, we also supply old pine pallets. As a pallet made from recycled pine wood, the price is cheaper.

DNS SOLUTION wooden pallets all meet ISPM 15 Standard – Regulations on wooden packaging materials in international trade (2005)

With the desire of supporting businesses’ products to be exported to the world market. DNS Solution is committed to providing solutions with the following standards:

  • Top quality with full international certification.
  • Prestige is the focus.
  • Good price.
  • Policy many incentives.
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Wood Type

New 2-way Melaleuca wood pallet, New 2-way pine wooden pallet, New 4-way Melaleuca wood pallet, New 4-way pine wooden pallet, Old 2-way pine wooden pallet, Old 4-way pine wooden pallet


400,000 vnd, 500,000 vnd, 700,000 vnd


  • Dimensions (length x width x height):
  • Weight: > 15kg
  • Material: Wooden
  • Load capacity: >1000kg
  • Made in Vietnam
  • Quality standard: ISPM 15

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