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What is RoHS?

The Leaning label is a product that has achieved many international certificates. Especially the RoHS-SGS certification of the Leaning Label.

RoHS certification is a certification of products complying with the requirements of the RoHS directive.

The RoHS Directive is the directive on the restriction of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. Adopted by the European Union in February 2003 and entered into force on 1 July 2006, and is required to be enforced and become law in each member country.

Toxic substances are limited
First, this Directive restricts the use of six hazardous substances in the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment. With allowable volume below 0.1w%.

  • Lead (Pb)
  • Cadmium (Cd)
  • Mercury (Hg)
  • Chrom (IV) (Cr6 +)
  • Polybrominated bisphenyl (PBB)
  • Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE)

In addition, from July 22, 2019, add 4 hazardous substances (allowable volume below 0.1w%):

  • Diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP)
  • Butyl benzyl phthatate (BBP)
  • Diethyl phthatate (DEP)
  • Diisobutyl phthalate (DIBP)

10 groups of electrical and electronic equipment are subject to the adjustment

  • Large household items (like refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven)
  • Small appliances (such as vacuum cleaners, ovens)
  • IT equipment and telecommunications equipment
  • Consumer equipment (radio, TV, musical instrument)
  • Electric-electronic tools
  • Medical devices
  • Automatic processing machine
  • Lighting equipment
  • Toy
  • Tools for observation and control.

RoHS-SGS Certification of Leaning Label

Leaning Label

  • Structure
    • It’s simple: Steel sheet and high density polyethylene.
    • Compared with conventional labels. Leaning Label is designed with two extra small dots to indicate product misalignment.
  • Mechansim

When the product is tilted, the screen on the top of the label changes from silver to red.

One of the two small dots below will be changed to silver. Help users know which direction the product has been tilted ?

Each leaning label is printed with a separate barcode and serial number so that a carrier cannot swap labels when problems arise. In the event of any damage. The enterprise can easily trace the responsibility of the carrier or the carrier.

RoHS-SGS Certification of Leaning Label

RoHS-SGS certification of leaning label

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RoHS-SGS certification of Leaning Label

The Leaning label is a product that has achieved many international certificates. Especially the RoHS-SGS certification of the Leaning Label.

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