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Nowadays, e-commerce is growing day by day. With that trend, packaging needs to be upgraded and improved to meet the diverse needs of customers in terms of freight. That’s why DNS Solution has brought 40cmx500cm shockproof air column to meet the needs and tastes of customers.

I. What is shockproof air column?

Shockproof air column is a packaged product with anti-shock effect – effective impact resistance to avoid affecting the product.
Used in packaging goods such as: ceramics, glasses, books, bags, cosmetics, flowerpots. In addition, it is also applied to protect furniture, electronics, household appliances and other fragile items… Because thanks to its durable, and shock-resistant properties, it is better than conventional air bubble foams.
The air column is made from high-grade virgin plastic. Cylindrical membrane, when not inflated, is easy to store. Occupying especially little space. Thereby making it easier to transport compared to current packing explosive foams.
Shockproof air column has the following parameters:
  • Size: 20cm/30cm/40cm high,…After inflated, the air tube can shrink from 2-5cm.
  • Packing: rolls of standard length 50m.
  • Material: High-impact, multi-layer HDPE plastic.
  • 50mic thickness (the standard and most common thickness of this airbag). Also can according to customer’s request.
  • Outstanding safety, avoiding direct impact on goods during transportation.
  • Save costs, time and labor up to 1/2 compared to traditional solutions.
  • Material: Multi-layer HDPE plastic, durable and can be used many times.
  • Diverse sizes to meet all usage needs.
  • Save storage space, dust and aesthetics when packing.
  • Smart design, when one column is torn/perforated, it will not affect the remaining columns.
How to use shockproof air column:
  1. Spread the membrane of the monkey column on a flat surface
  2. When determining how many meters or centimeters long to use. Then we measure and fix the end of the gas column to use
  3. Use mini pumps such as balloon pumps, bicycle pumps… put the air head on the edge of the air column and pump.
  4. Use scissors to cut the part of the air column to use
  5. Pack and fix the product with adhesive tape
  6. Put the product into the carton

II. Why should use shockproof air column instead of traditional foam:

  • First, this anti-shock air column helps to enhance the image of professional packaging as well as brand and business.
  • Saves more time, cost and labor than having to wrap a lot of explosive foam rings, but explosive foam is still not safe. Avoid causing waste, not needing, denting goods, not causing loss of aesthetics and image of the shop.
  • Save a lot of storage space compared to traditional explosive foam because it is pumped up when needed.
==>> With 3 Safety – Professional – Economical criteria of shockproof air column will solve the above problems.

III. Why should you choose DNS Solution as a supplier of air columns and airbags:

  • Distributing reputable brands with the most rigorous international quality certifications.
  • Competitive price with all competitors in the market.
  • Policy to support demo, test samples right at the customer’s factory and completely free to bring the best practical experience.
  • Certification: CE meets European standards for pumps, ROHS 10, ISO9001, ISO14001,…
  • Products are manufactured by the most advanced technology.
  • Commitment to 100% return and exchange if the goods do not meet the quality of the commitment certificate.
DNS Solution hopes this article will help you better understand the column airbag product. From there, you can choose the optimal packing solution for individuals and businesses.
In addition, DNS Solution also provides many other industrial auxiliary products such as: Composite straps, airbags, pallets, impact labels
Articles with reference to information from theWikipedia.

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