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If you’ve ever purchased online, receive remote shipping. Surely you are not too familiar with air bags, the bag has many small bubbles. Wrapped around the goods to help protect, shockproof, prevent breakage. But most of us are known for the normal, cheap airbag. This article helps you understand what is a good type of carton insert air bag. Structure and how to use.


Carton packing airbag is a product used to replace foam, foam, paper to insert goods and products in cartons. Airbag inserts goods in carton with high strength. Good air retention helps limit the movement of goods in the carton. No movement during transportation.
In the past, people used to use foam, paper carton to stuff goods. Currently, some developed countries such as the United States, Japan, etc. do not allow the use of foam. So, if you want to use overseas shipping, you need to pay attention to these rules.


  • Neat, hygienic, aesthetic and professional than conventional paper and foam solutions.
  • Save storage space. Because when you need to use it, it will be pumped up, and normally it is a round plastic bag.
  • Easy to separate because of the easyline.
  • Easy and flexible fill-in-the-blank solution with different sizes and air intakes, no dust.
  • Produced on modern technological lines. Environmentally friendly production materials, recyclable and reusable.
  • Light weight does not increase the weight of the box. Save on shipping costs.
Save storage space
Save storage space


Normal Type Carton Insert Airbag

Airbags with regular carton inserts are the type of bags that you often see wrapped goods when shopping online. Because the shops sell to retail customers, they do not have much money. They often use normal, cheap air bags. Suitable for domestic shipping. Use for items of not high value.


When placing 2 types of air bags, insert normal and good cartons next to each other. You will see a noticeable difference. Regular air bags have small bubbles that break easily when squeezed. The nylon material is not good, fibrous and easy to tear. Meanwhile, the good grade carton insert airbag has big air bubble bag. Using all the force to squeeze it does not break. Thick, tough nylon material. This gives you complete peace of mind when transporting high-value goods such as: Ceramics, glass, etc.

To meet the diverse lining needs of goods. Good quality carton airbag brands offer 3 different types of airbag shapes, including:

  • Pillow Air Packaging: It is shaped like a pillow when inflated through an air blower. Used to insert into the gaps in the carton to fix, prevent impact and protect the goods. Pillows are often used to insert around the 4 edges of cartons and goods. Usually when the box has a lot of empty space after the goods have been loaded into the box.
  • Cushion Air Packaging: The form of the bubble film is quite similar to the air bubble film, but the air bubbles are large. Should be used to wrap the product or can be used to line the bottom and top of the carton. Usually used when there is little space left
  • Shockproof air column: Used in packing fragile products such as glass bottles, wine bottles, ceramic products. Usually used to put sp inside the bag when in column form

The bag sizes

Good quality carton insert air bags have the following basic dimensions:

  • Pillow airbag sizes: 10x20cm, 15x20cm, 20x20cm roll length 300m-500, 15-20 micrometers thick.
  • Sheet airbag size: 20x40cm, 30x40cm roll length 300m-500m
  • Column airbag size: depending on customer’s request.
Many sizes to choose from
Many sizes to choose from

Instructions for checking the toughness and quality of the bag

• Test the durability of the airbag: Use both hands to squeeze the bag with moderate force. The bag inflates to a certain threshold and does not explode => The bag is qualified
• Use 2 fingers to press firmly on the airbag to see the elasticity, if not, it has great elasticity.


Hopefully the article “The difference of good-quality carton insert airbags” has helped you better understand this type of airbag. In addition, DNS Solution provides TUV Certified air bags – an organization that evaluates and tests products according to international standards. Airbag products can be found here.

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