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You often see small desiccant packages in many everyday products such as confectionery, medicine, dry food, electronics … You are a manufacturing business and need to find a source of quality desiccant packages. And you do not know the information about toxic desiccant packets is correct? This post will answer for you !

What is desiccant packets ?

  • The desiccant package is packaged into small packages, at first glance it is like a tea bag filter bag. Desiccant package used to preserve food, home appliances, electronic equipment, industrial products… The desiccant package also has other names as moisture-proof packaging, moisture-proof bags, desiccant bags …
  • With high hygroscopicity and small density. So desiccant packets are usually packed into small packets weighing: 1g, 1.1g, 2g, 2.5g…. Read more about the quality desiccant packets here.
  • Inside the desiccant packages are the desiccant particles. Currently there are many different types of desiccant particles in both color and size. Normal desiccant package, when torn, will see the inside with opaque white seeds. The desiccant inside the desiccant package gets wet when the desiccant is full of water.
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Is the toxic desiccant packets correct?

Basically the desiccant is non-toxic. It is made up of highly hygroscopic inorganic substances with small holes for water inlet. Steam plays the role of drying the air, preventing it from wetting food, electronics, microchips …
White silica gel
White silica gel
So why is there a “do not eat” warning on the moisture-proof package? In fact, silica gels are not completely dangerous, but they are also not safe.
The problem is that moisture-proof packets are often added with an additive called Cobalt Chloride II. This is a substance added to make it easy to see the moisture-absorbing mark of silica gel particles. These seeds are green when dry and turn pink when moisture is absorbed. Cobalt chloride II is a substance that can be harmful to humans and is even suspected to cause cancer.
Another reason not to eat a desiccant packets . That is, you cannot know what silica gel has been exposed to in its surroundings. While the silica gel can also absorb other ingredients during production or transport.
Blue silica gel
Blue silica gel


So to answer the question is the desiccant packets toxic? Its ingredients are basically non-toxic. But it is best not to eat for personal health protection and out of reach of children. Manufacturing businesses should find a distributor of good quality desiccant packages. To ensure their own brand reputation.

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