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About TUV Rheinland

TUV Rheinland stands for safety and quality in virtually all areas of business and life. Founded almost 150 years ago, the company is one of the world’s leading testing service providers with more than 20,000 employees and annual revenues of 2 billion euros. TÜV Rheinland’s highly qualified experts test technical systems and products around the world, support innovations in technology and business, train people in numerous professions and certify management systems according to international standards. In doing so, the independent experts generate trust in products as well as processes across global value-adding chains and the flow of commodities. Since 2006, TÜV Rheinland has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact to promote sustainability and combat corruption.

Today TÜV Rheinland has concentrated and organized its international business in various regions outside Germany: Asia-Pacific, Greater China, India/Middle East and Africa (IMEA), Central and Eastern Europe, North America, South America, and Western Europe.

  • Certifications & Evaluate
    • Traffic, vehicles and railways
    • Commodities & Consumer Goods
    • Industry & Infrastructure
    • System & Process
    • Organization & Individual
    • Occupational health & safety

Responsibility towards people and the environment

tuv headquarters
TUV headquarters

As a technical partner of businesses, government agencies, and organizations, TUV Rheinland currently provides quality and safety control in nearly every sphere of economic and personal activity, from the energy industry, to environmental engineering, rail engineering, and IT, to the consumer goods sector. This task entails a special responsibility, one that the Group takes very seriously. The entire test system itself is therefore subject to strict rules and controls. It rests, among other things, upon the high level of education and personal skills of our employees and the independence of the tests. People or companies pay for TÜV Rheinland’s testing services. However, the test results remain impartial and cannot be purchased.

This goes for driver’s licenses and vehicle inspections. As well as for product testing and industrial plant monitoring. Our impartiality is ensured through the organization of our company and strict government oversight, among other things. In Germany. TÜV Rheinland’s work is monitored by state and federal authorities, among others. The Group holds over 750 accreditations worldwide (also known as ‘licenses to test’). Which are issued by third parties – in most cases, public authorities

International orientation of competences and responsibility

TUV Rheinland itself also endeavors to provide its acquired competencies and available testing services to companies internationally. Management systems are, for example, certified by specially qualified auditors according . To globally accepted ISO standards irrespective of whether the customers are located in Germany or Indonesia. This also holds true for classical testing services: Technical vehicle inspection takes place not only throughout Germany but also in Chile, France, Spain and Latvia. Of the more than 9 million vehicle inspections that TÜV Rheinland performs annually. Nearly 7 million are conducted outside Germany.

The employees shoulder great responsibility from the implementation of such testing services for human beings, technology and the environment. This responsibility expresses itself in the mission statement of TÜV Rheinland as well as in the membership in the United Nations Global Compact. TÜV Rheinland joined this alliance for greater sustainability in business back in 2006. And, in addition, confers the International TÜV Rheinland Global Compact Award upon individuals who are especially committed to sustainable business. Key issues of the global alliance of companies and organizations are the fight against child labor and corruption. And for higher environmental and social standards in the economy worldwide.

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