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To preserve finished products after the production process of enterprises, it is indispensable to desiccant packages. So what is desiccant pack ?

Structure of desiccant pack

A desiccant pack is a package containing desiccant particles. In each of these tiny particles there are many empty cavities. The purpose of these empty compartments is to attract water, to fill the void. When the gaps are completely filled by water, it means that the desiccant has reached a state of fullness, and is no longer usable. Then, the weight of these desiccant particles will increase significantly compared with its unused initial weight. Can be increased from 30-60%, depending on the hygroscopicity of each type of desiccant.

Silica Gel desiccant
Silica Gel desiccant

There are 3 types:

    • Silica Gel desiccant
    • Clay desiccant
    • Salt desiccant

Adding it to the product will completely remove the moisture that helps preserve the product. Extend the shelf life up to 2 years for handicrafts, up to 1 year for clothes, bags. And prolong the time to preserve food from 3 to 6 months …


There is always a very high amount of moisture in the air. Ranging from 20% to 90% depending on the region and the season.
So in a product when it is manufactured, it inevitably remains in itself an amount of moisture. In the packaging process, the amount of air in the package contains a lot of moisture. Will quickly damage the product such as mold, discoloration, softening, staining, …
Products need to use desiccant pack :
Clothing, Bags, Shoes, Backpacks, purses, handicrafts, medical equipment. Electrical equipment, microchips, mechanical components, medicine, food

Illustration Images
Illustration Images


The desiccant package helps to extend the product’s shelf life without the need for preservatives. With the mechanism of absorbing moisture, the environment where the product is stored is always dry, thus limiting damage, mold or bacteria. To preserve the best products, businesses should use quality desiccant packages. Therefore, businesses must choose their distributors carefully. DNS Solution offers high quality desiccant package and good price.

In particular, in DNS Solution is both an auxiliary solution system for storage, packaging and transportation. Refer to other solutions:Pallets,Dunnage bags,Impact labels,Oxygen absorber packets

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